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Tue, Aug 25, 2015 12:31 AM

Plenti Points June 2015 promotion program

ATT had a promotion in June for Plenti Points for Adding a new line, and new phone purchase.

I have now made four different phone calls to Plenti to get my points on one new line set up and two new phones.

I think the points were 5,000 for new phone line and 5,000 for each new phone, making it 15,000

Plenti never posted any of my points. I called again today.....well ATT has changed their promotion to 2500 for new phone line....that's it! Plenti says they don't have access to the earlier promotion.

I am hoping someone from ATT can look back at the points offered in their promotion in June. we can prove to Plenti that I am owed a lot of points.






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6 years ago

Hi there @TCUTxGal


I’m sorry to hear that you have not received your Plenti points! I’d be happy to help! I can confirm that for Activating a New Line of Service, 5,000 points are awarded.


Regarding device purchases, points are awarded at a value of 1 point per $1. For example, if $500 is spent on a new device, 500 points would be awarded.


I hope this helps!



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6 years ago

Thank you, Charise,

I talked with the Plenti folks after posting. The lady was very nice, took
information on our purchases, and handed the issue to her boss.

Her supervisor posted all of my points that were in the original ATT
promotion from several months ago.

Thank you for the offer. It is good to know that someone from ATT follows
our comments.

Thank you for offering.




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5 years ago

I have the exact same issue.  I've called Plenti twice and the phone reps can't do anything, they tell me I'll be contacted thru email.  First time that happened and they wouldn't respond to me, they just closed the case.  Second time I never received a follow up email.


I then tried calling ATT, was on the phone for 45 minutes, most of it on hold.  Then while on hold the line disconnected, I was on a landline so this wasn't due to cell service issue.  I would have expected they would call me back, nope.


It's a painful thought to try calling again and spend the time for another lack of action.  Please help AT&T.

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