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Sat, Jan 25, 2020 1:14 AM

(Phone number hidden) agent scammed me and I can't get any help from AT&T

I was trying to to get my service changed and after visiting several stores to get various options I decided to call (Phone number hidden) and was connected to an agent named QT or Qunitarius. I told him I wanted to stop unlimited service and go to 3g Shared line. My children decided to go to their own service and my wife and I only use about 1G/month. I needed to cancel 2 numbers to do this. He suggested that I drop 3 lines and get a new number so I could get a free iphone 8 or an XR for $5/mo WITHOUT signing up for unlimited service and being committed to a 30 mo contract.. I told him this would involve unlimited service which I did not want. I told him I would think about it and he then texted me asking me to call him back when I made up my mind.

I then visited several AT&T stores to inquire about all their deals and specifically asked about the deal Quintarius quoted me. (Again iphone XR without unlimited service, no commitment and getting a new line by dropping my current one and replacing it with a new one.) Not one store was able to do this for me, but several salespersons told me that the agents at the customer service line were able to get different deals than they were able to give.

The next day I called Quintarius at (Phone number hidden) (an AT&T customer service line). I was told he was busy and would call back in a few minutes, which he did. I talked to him for over an hour discussing various plans and my desire to have only 2 numbers, a 3g mobile shared plan with no commitment. Again he assured me he was able to offer me what I wanted and could also get an Iphone XR included for only $5/mo without an unlimited plan and no commitment. I was told I could pay off the XR whenever I wanted. There would be no activation fee. I did not have to set up a new service. I would be able to just switch the simm cards when the new phone arrived.

He again guaranteed me this deal was legitimate. I finally agreed to the deal and he set it up. He set it up so it would be delivered to my house by a service called ENJOY. They would set it up and help me change the numbers. I told him that if there was any problem I would not accept the phone from the service and I would cancel the order. He told me that was fine.

After the call, I checked my online account and it was completely different than what I agreed to. I was sold a new iphone XR for a 30 month commitment of $ with a new number and unlimited service. I also still had my old 4 numbers attached to a shared 3g shared plan.

I immediately called him back to complain. I was told he was busy, but he would call me back, which he did. AGAIN he guaranteed me his offer and said that the plan on my online account would switch to a 2 line 3g shared plan once the phone was delivered and set up but the salesman from ENJOY.

When it was delivered the next day, I was told by the salesman that I was scammed. He would not be able to do any of the things that Quintarius guaranteed me. He was only able to deliver and set up the phone with the new number. I never signed for the phone nor did I get any paperwork. He told me to call 611 the next day to explain my story and try to return the phone and make a complaint. THIS WAS ONLY THE START OF MY PROBLEM.

So, for the next 3 days I have talked to at least 5 different agents in the retention department. Some have been nice and understanding, others not so. I have been on the phone for the minimum of 30 minutes to an hour with each one, not counting the 10 to 20 minutes of trying to actually speak to an agent. (I always requested to speak to an agent in the United States to avoid offshore agents.) I have been told that I must return the phone to a corporate store but when I tried that they would not accept it. I was told it must be mailed back using the return receipt form the original box. I have never been given a return receipt and there was not a box the phone came in other than the original apple wrapping box.

Several agents told me to return it using the return address provided in the box. The phone was only in the original iphone box from apple (which I have not opened) and I have never seen a return receipt. When I told this to the agents, I was told to open the box and it would be inside. I was also told that I would be emailed a return request but I never received one. I have asked each agent to speak to their manager but I was never able to speak to one as they were always on the line with another customer. I was even told they would call me back in a few minutes. I AM STILL WAITING.

I finally went to the AT&T corporate store in La Grange, IL, which happened to be 45 minutes from my house. I talked to a salesman and immediately asked to speak to a manager. He went to check and came back about 10 minutes later. I was told the manager would not be able to see me for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. I could wait if I wanted to. I said I would. I talked to the salesman (Jim) for about 1/2 hour telling him my whole story. He finally told me I was better calling Customer service at (Phone number hidden) and keep saying AGENT until I reached a person. I did this and was able to finally get an agent named Tim H after being switched from 3 offshore agents. He was not a manager and was not with Retention. I asked him to connect me with a manager in retention. I was then transferred to 2 more offshore agents each of whom I asked to transfer me to manager in the US in the retention department.

I finally got to an agent named Marco in the retention department but NOT a manager. I was on the phone for about an hour with him again explaining my situation. Nothing was resolved and he said he would have his supervisor call me right back. I said I would not hang up and I would wait for his supervisor to talk with me. His supervisor was able to call me and I switched lines to talk to him (finally able to talk to a supervisor). His name was Rudolpho and I again had to explain my whole problem to him while he read the notes on their computer.

He asked what I wanted to get the situation resolved. I asked if he could honor the original offer from Quintarius, keeping only 2 line with a 3 gig shared plan. I also wanted the remaining lines removed from my account. He was unable to offer me ANY solution other than returning the phone to a corporate store even though I had already tried this and was unsuccessful. I asked to speak to his supervisor whose name I learned was Michael.

Rudolpho told me Michael would call me back within 72 hours. I AM STILL WAITING FOR HIS CALL.

I have tried to find a way to file a complaint against the original agent, Quintarius but there is no way to file one. I have tried to find a way to send a written email complaint to someone at AT&T but there is no email address to complain to. I have asked to get a copy of the notes they have on file concerning my situation but I have been told there is no way to do this.

This is the biggest runaround and poorest customer service that I have ever experienced in my life. I have been with AT&T over 20 years, I have had Directv ever since it was developed and I also have AT&T internet in my home. I am going to go out tomorrow and search for new service. I've had it with AT&T and their poor service.



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3 weeks ago


If he setup a deal over the phone, then it will be on account. The delivery is a third party company for confidence they hand deliver your phone, but aren’t responsible for billing or AT&T promotions. You can get better help form a store by going to to setup an appointment for a manager at the nearest store to make sure you don’t have an unexpected wait like you mentioned above. I’d call store ahead to verify they’ll be available for your appointment as well.

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@mobilemax I did go to a corporate store and spoke to the manager. He was unable to get me a return label at first but one was supposed to be mailed to me. It never ca,me, so I went back to the store and the manager was finally able to email me a return label. I put it in the mail today and will be tracking its return.


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2 weeks ago

The stupidity baffles. Purchases made online/phone can be returned to a CORPORATE AT&T store. These are actually at&t owned, anything else is NOT at&t owned, but a privately owned franchise store. There is no excuse for the corporate store not taking the return of a sealed box. Zero excuse.

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