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Need help understanding your bill?
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Sunday, September 24th, 2023 12:46 AM

Phone line transfered to different carrier without permission.

A few weeks ago one of my phone lines was hacked and transferred to a different carrier. After several hours and about 5 different reps...I got no where with them getting my phone number back. So needing her phone for work her only option was to go to an att store. They informed her it would be best to give her a new number. That happened and now I'm being charged a new line.and other charges. I just want my account back to the way it was before the theft of my line happened. 

ACE - Sage


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2 months ago

Well that's clear as mud. What other charges, read the bill?  

If someone has access to your account, what's to stop them from porting out the rest of the numbers?    Which email is connected to your account because it's likely that email is also compromised?

Community Support


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2 months ago

Hi there, we understand the situation you're in, and we want to help you get this sorted you. 


We will reach out to you in a private setting over DM to assist you the best possible way. We can review the charges you're talking about together, and look at options for this case. Please look out for a DM notification from us (for your reference, it's the bell icon on the top right-hand corner of the forums) 


Looking forward to speaking with you!


Thank you,

Andrew, AT&T Community Specialist

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