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Thursday, November 24th, 2022 8:08 AM

Past due amount showing up from service I had almost 10 years ago

Hi all. I recently switched to AT&T and ported my number over from Verizon. Once I got everything set up I logged into my AT&T account to see a past due amount of over $800 for service that was supposed to be canceled in February of 2013. I know I canceled the service (almost positive I went into a physical store to do so), and I hadn't heard anything regarding this past due amount from AT&T so I was surprised to see a balance there. It is also showing a signature discount from the college I was attending at the time. I don't recall seeing anything on my credit report regarding this balance either, so I'm confused.

That old account is showing as separate from my new account, and AT&T did not ask for a deposit or anything. I brought my old phone over when switching, but now I am looking to upgrade. When browsing phones using both the app and the website, I don't see any options for installments/monthly payments, only pricing for the full cost of the devices. I am assuming this is related to either the past due amount, the signature discount, or both.

I don't believe I owe AT&T anything outside of what I owe for my current plan (the new account is current, no past due amount). My only concern is that since the old plan was canceled so long ago and I've moved multiple apartments (and states) since then that I don't have any receipts or documentation to show that I canceled the service. I even looked to see if I had a confirmation email and couldn't find anything. It's possible it was sent to my school email if there even was a confirmation emailed to me, but my school email was closed years ago. Can anyone help me to resolve this, or point me in the right direction for getting this resolved?

Thanks for any guidance or help you can provide.

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10 months ago

Its hard to remember how you canceled service 10 years ago, but canceling service would require you port all of your phone numbers out of AT&T to a different service provider or call to cancel numbers that are not being ported.  You can't cancel in a store.  Universally you cannot cancel service with any service provider in a store you have to call and go through their loyalty department. 

You would have to pay off any early termination fees.   The Mobile Share value plan and installments would have been brand new in 2013 so it's unlikely you had installments, more likely you had phones/devices that were still under contract with ETF. 

If your method of contact at the time was a school email that no longer exists, that may explain why you did not get a message about an overdue bill.  

There's no point in trying to contact AT&T over a holiday weekend. Wait till Monday and see if they can dig up what the $800 is for

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