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Thursday, July 13th, 2023 6:55 AM

Not receiving supplies to send trade in

It’s been two months since I signed up. I got the supplies to send in one of my phones (the older one) but even after multiple calls have yet to receive anything to return the more expensive one. I’ve asked to speak to a manager and I get put on hold only to have my call disconnected. I think they are trying to avoid upholding their side of the contract.

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5 months ago

If it's been 2 months you're already past the 30-day window to trade in a phone.  

You don't have a contract.  You have a service agreement and you also have a separate purchase agreement for your devices.

Your agreement to purchase a phone is separate from any deal to get trade-in credits.  Trade in phones go to a third party business, not AT&t.  If your phones didn't get traded in at a corporate store, or by mail within 30-day window you did not qualify for the deal and will not get any trade in credits.  

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