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Mon, Jan 20, 2020 5:06 PM

No help with Trade in value

I traded my phone in and did tons of research and visiting stores to make sure I had it right before I switched from T mobile.

I traded in my LG V6 and confirmed the value on the trade in page for ATT and made sure it was in mint condition.

The received it and instead of valuing at $40, they reduced to $20 saying it had a dead pixel, which is completely false.

Because of this, it disqualified me from the $700 off promo I took advantage of on my s10 plus when I left T mobile.

I called countless times to just get told by the trade in team that they escalated to Tier 2 and would get an email in 24 hours. I have done that 5 times to no avail. 3 visits to stores and speaking to Retention team and no one knows what to do.

This is a disservice to their clients to leave them calling and visiting only to be told no. This needs to be fixed!!


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