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Tue, Apr 7, 2020 12:09 AM

My service

My name is Ronijo T., I came into AT&T on October 24th and I went to the store located right outside of Downtown Crossing. I met with a Representative named Dora who at the time seemed great but I later realized she was selling me dreams. She told me the promotion I was getting would save me a lot of money (it was supposed to take 700 off of each new phone I was getting) as a new att member I wanted 2 lines and 2 brand new Galaxy S10+ with 2 new phone cases. I was told all you and your boyfriend have to do is turn in your old phones and your good to go. I asked multiple times if she was sure and if any problems could come of it and she assured me she had everything going smoothly. So I paid all I had to pay, signed some papers, picked out cases and was told to come back within so many days to turn our phones in.(we needed to switch all our stuff from the old phones to the new ones) when my boyfriend went to return the phones I was at work and he called me saying that Dora says our phones just barely cut it and she cant use those for the deal. So of course I panick. Well we go back and forth trying to figure this out... I was so angry. I found time to go back and when I get there I begin to explain my story to a Representative at the store. Not even 2 mins into the conversation, Dora comes walking out and asks me what's wrong and of course I tell her you know what's wrong I'm not paying all this money to get no deal no offer if I wanted to pay 2 grand for 2 phones I would have done that else where she tells me to relax and that she is gonna figure this out she goes on her iPad and starts doing stuff I'm not sure what because it didnt really make sense to me but she finishes what shes doing and she says to me okay so I change your account and put a few different offers on there but they won't kick on right away so at first your bill will seem high but after a month or 2 you will see all the offers I added show up on your bill. I was very untrusting and told her I didnt like it and she reassures not only me but my bf as well things like this happen all the time and that we are in good hands... it is now April and I have called her a bunch of times I have sat on the phone with att so many times its ridiculous and I am unable to visit the store again because of the coronavirus I need some one to fix my bill or help me in some way or I'm gonna be forced to take this even further. I am a good customer and I dont deserve this. The last time I called I spoke with a woman named emily she got my phone back on for me when it was (Edited per community guidelines) off for the bill being so high with expenses that Dora says "would disappear in a few months" and emily thought that was awful she transferred me to pay s pl me of my bill because last time my boyfriend called he was told that wouldn't take less than over 600 dollars like what is going on here anyway I speak to emily she gets my phone on then I speak with the rep that helps me make a payment and he was supposed to transfer me to a business specialist who was supposed to fix the invalid fraud of contract that Dora put me in ... this is horrible and that Dora person should not be allowed to sell lies and put hard working mothers like myself in a position like im in right now in the middle of a pandemic!!


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2 months ago

Hello @RonijoT,


Thank you for reaching out to us. To ensure you get the assistance that you need as quickly as possible for your billing concerns, we encourage you to Contact us via voice or chat at the link provided for further assistance. Simply choose your product, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page for a chat live link. Our teams can assist real time, and there won't be a delay in response which may occur in forums. Hope this helps!


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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