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Monday, January 15th, 2018 5:02 AM

My phone shows delivered to AT&T and they are denying it was AND trying to charge me $485-attorney?

Dealing with AT&T saying I didn’t return my old phone after I upgraded. I returned the phone on December 7th. Newgistics recieved the package on December 11th and AT&T recieved the Phone back on December 13th 2017. So tracking number shows delivered by Newgistics to AT&T nearly a month ago.

When the first rep claimed m “it doesn’t show delivered” and that didn’t pan out, we were told by the SECOND rep that we used the WRONG return label to send our installment phone back (seriously). The second rep CLAIMED they sent one label with the new phone then later sent ANOTHER label for the return phone. Which is complete bull.

We have Informed mail delivery that shows a copy of all the mail on a daily basis. Not once was there anything from AT&T. So the second rep has the gall to claim we shipped our phone to the wrong warehouse (as if we had a choice of the location to return the phone to.)

There weren’t two return labels in my upgrade box either. Only one. Which tells me the original order fulfillment failed to do all of their job by providing TWO return labels OR we were lied to by the so called customer service department more than once. Saying we were sent one label for the old phone and one for the new Phone in case we didn’t want it.

So now AT&T claims the Phone we returned that shows DELIVERED is lost and they plan to charge $485 to our next bill.

Seriously they plan to charge us $485 for a phone that shows it was delivered to one of AT&T’s warehouses because THEY can’t find it.

After over an hour and talking to 3 departments and 4 reps they basically forced us off the phone with the claim that they "escalated” the issue and it “should have a short turnaround”

It didn’t escape our attention that the rep said NOTHING definitive (aside from the fact that they were going to charge us $485 on our next bill). They gave zero expectation on when we would hear back from AT&T AND forced us off the phone with ZERO resolution aside from the fact that the next bill will have a $485 charge for a phone we already returned.

[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. Having just returned from a deployment after being gone and now dealing with AT&T literally trying to steal from us.

They have my return phone somewhere. They sent only ONE return label with the phone I upgraded to. AT&T causes so many headaches for people it’s shocking they continue to get away with this type of racket.



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6 years ago

I understand not getting definitive answers can be frustrating.  I found a link that may be useful, it shows returns and trade ins. https://www.att.com/shop/wireless/returnpolicy.html


If you need further account specific assistance, you can send a private message to @ATTMobilityCare.  I hope this helps.

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