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Saturday, November 11th, 2017 6:12 PM

Miss the old days

How time flies. All the times we have shared and the memories we have made. Truly, it seems like only yesterday that we started down our road together. You know it is somewhat of an odd story how we came to be together. It all dates back to a time when I must have been all but eleven hands tall. I recall your mother always being at my house in those days. Back then she was mostly a party-girl, sharing stories and gossip with everyone, relaying messages far and wide, yet still maintaining herself as a Southwestern Belle. Everyone loved her, especially my parents. It would seem odd now, but in those days she stayed in the kitchen, almost as if she was attached to the wall and bound by a cord. Any hour of the day you could ring her. Anyhow she did manage to settle down a little over the years and stopped sharing private information with all of the neighbors. She even started getting out of the kitchen and would follow people around the house from time to time. I grew to know her myself as I grew and shared experiences of my own with her from time to time. Heck we even started calling her Aunt Teetee. She still had her downfalls though. She was not always the most reliable and was rather greedy in spite of being the only fast messaging service around. There was that one old broad from the government, but she only worked weekdays and was very slow. I can remember several times where my parents fought with Aunt TeeTee about money that she claimed they owed her because she relayed messages for them. It wasn’t as if it wasn’t anything she wasn’t already doing but she wasn’t a fan of dealing with people out of the area. Anytime anyone did that 1 thing she totally lost her marbles.


Time passed and later I set out on a life journey of my own. I found myself looking for a messenger of my own. I definitely was not at home enough to warrant employing Aunt TT, nor could I really afford her, but then I learned she had a child that was more my style. I can still remember the first day I saw you as if it were just yesterday. You were so awesome and I really dug the signals you were giving me. You wanted me and hey, I needed you. So much in fact, that I had to rush out and get a new phone to take with me everywhere. It truly was a magical time. Everything was so fresh and new and we were doing crazy new things that most people shied away from. Heh. I was just thinking about that first phone again. Do you remember that phone? That thing is probably in a museum by now or at least it should be. That thing seriously went through the fan yet somehow lasted forever. While it may not have been as “cool” as these new “smart” phones, it was still amazing at the time. Yeah that truly was an amazing device and I must have made around a million calls with it. Man oh man, did we spend some time on calls in those days or what?! None of this silly texting stuff that most people do now-a-days. In fact you didn’t really like the whole text thing in those days either and picture messages were a definite no-no. Talking we did do though, and boy did we talk!! Since we were just starting out you were pretty stingy with talk time. I tried to play things safe and work within your boundaries but sometimes I couldn’t help myself and managed to spend a little to much time with you. I thought we were friends but that didn’t keep you from sending mean notes to me at the end of the month claiming I used you. Seemingly it seemed the only way to make you happy again so we could hang out was to give you money. I did what I had to because you were the coolest. Sure there were others around but none of them could hold a match to what you had to offer. Those were the days. Oh to be young again! We were always together, you and me. Well, most of the time anyway. It’s kind of funny now looking back but do you remember how you hated riding in a car? Literally every time I had to leave town you refused to travel with me because I was driving and I guess you had something against rural areas. Instead you would choose to meet me at my destination. It’s often those little things that I am reminded of now. Things like how often you played hard-to-get and would drop my calls for whatever reason. Yet I didn’t let it bother me much and continued on with you by my side, usually. We had a few spats in the early years and even a couple of break-ups. In the end it was as if we were meant to be as I found my way back to you. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over fifteen years since. I helped you grow and watched you learn new abilities. Things were still rough from time to time and you often changed plans on me. Still I stood by your side.


Anyhow nowadays things have become much more complicated. You no longer value having me around and treat new people in higher regard. Yeah. I noticed. I have noticed for quite some time and only hoped you would change. You however to continue to only care about what I can do for you. Always wanting more and more without giving anything in exchange. Constantly you spin things to suit your narrative and are very good at hiding things in fine print. You learned many things over the years but your talent for deception and thievery is bar-none. You have finally become your mother. Old Auntie TT. The time of infatuation, fancy words, and gimmicks is over. For me anyhow. I want more. I need more. No that doesn’t mean I want to bundle.


It is for these reasons after all these years that I believe it is time to have a more open relationship. Ideally a non-existent one. For now I will continue with your game but know that I am looking elsewhere. Some day. Some day soon. I’m reminded of that Taylor Swift song. How’s that go? Oh yeah! We are never getting back together again. I have come to the realization that loyalty is not something you value and have taken notice in the many other just as capable fish in the sea. Any other suitors that actually value loyalty can feel free to contact me at


#itsnotyouitsme #dumpatt #we’rethrough

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6 years ago

I'm sure you think you're clever, but I have no idea what that was all about. 


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