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Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 9:00 AM

Lies and promises

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Jul 10, 2018 

Re: free iphone offer

After 1 year of new ATT Next Service on the BOGO iPhone Deal, my daughter wanted to upgrade for her birthday, so we went in to see what our options were! This is where I was lied to, tricked, and broken promises began to start...

What they DONT TELL YOU, is if you upgrade your BOGO lines, at the same exact time/day etc, you LOSE OUT ON THE BOGO AND THEY START BILLING YOU FOR PAYMENTS ON BOTH, instead of getting credit back for the free phone, your now stuck paying BOTH installments! No DEALS, NO PROMOTIONS!  Even thou I asked my local ATT store MANAGER and Customer Service Representative SEVERAL times if I’d still have the buy 1 Get 1 when we upgraded to 7Plus Red, and I was ASSURED AND PROMISED my contract would remain the same, just new phones and a little higher installment of 25$ instead of 20$. They did tell me it may take a month or two to begin showing the credit on my bill, just as it had when I first started! But I was absolutely assured I’d still have the BOGO promotion!! 

2 months later I call ATT, spoke with a CSR that ASSURED me the credits would start soon, Week later I even used ATT Chat to ask again (and kept the screenshots of an ATT CSR promising me that I was still on the BOGO with 7Plus) Again I have proof I was told again “My credits should begin very soon!!”

3 months later I call and talk to a CSR, after explaining the WHOLE DARN SITUATION AGAIN He then said that “ IS NOT AT&T POLICY, it’s ONLY for new customers, and NOBODY CAN OFFER OR  TELL ME THAT because it’s not AT&T approved.”

 I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor who was absolutely rude and “didn’t have time to talk to me” (her exact words) because I “should’ve never been told I’d keep my BOGO phone when I upgraded” I asked what options I had. She said “Your now locked into a 2 year contract, so you can either pay the monthly bill or pay the consequences!“ I even had a lady tell me that because I was 4-5 days late on my payment (not suspended or even a late notice) but because of the late payment, I’d lost all my Promotions and New customer benefits so that’s why my contract changed and I lost my BOGO Deal”. None of them had THE RIGHT answer, and just told me what I wanted to hear to get off the phone! 

Every single time I asked, called, Chat, walked in etc I was given DIFFERENT things!! Different EXCUSES AND LIES! 

I currently have a few more months to go on this last Contract, and  I've held out on upgrades or even attempting to call/deal with AT&T.  I believe after 3 years contract and probably 15-16 years prepaid with each one of us having a line, so 4 lines for 20 years,  I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT RENEW MY CONTRACT!  I AM DONE WITH AT&T, and I’ve also been a Directtv Customer for 20 years, so I’m DONE WITH THEM ALSO! And I’ll go to Sprint, Straight talk, Verizon, Cricket, WALMART LOL. ANYTHING BUT ATT!! They got me for OVER 800$ in installments for a phone I’d of NEVER gotten that day had I been told the TRUTH, 

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5 years ago

The rude supervisor was correct, you should never have been told you'd keep the BOGO. It doesn't make sense that you no longer have the BO phone or the GO phone, how could you keep the BOGO? Trading in phones to upgrade is paying off the remaining installments, so the BOGO phones were paid off completely, so there are no more credits. 


She was wrong, however, that you are in a contract. AT&T doesn't offer contracted wireless service. Your only obligation is to pay off the phones you purchased. 

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