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Friday, July 25th, 2014 6:15 PM

Is it possible to put an unlocked phone on an existing contract?

Hi, I am about to order the OnePlus one phone, but I already have a contract through my buisness, are there any fees or problems that would come up if i took the sim card out of my current phone and put it in my new one?



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9 years ago

Well, if your existing phone is not a smartphone and your new one is, AT&T will detect this and automatically add a data plan to your account. Depending upon your account type, it may also increase your monthly service fees as most smartphones cost more to use than a basic phone.

Other than that, there may be a one time activation fee of up to $36 on your account to setup the new phone in the system for proper tracking & billing. You will not get billed more just because the phone is unlocked, but you may get billed more for the other reasons stated above.
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