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Friday, May 5th, 2023 11:55 PM

In-Home Experts Scam

In-Home Experts Scam

Please read before using AT&T so that you don't get scammed. In September of 2022 we had fiber installed. A sales rep by the name of Micah Sean from the Mt. Zion store in Morrow, GA knocked on our door wearing an AT&T shirt, driving an AT&T car, and asked us about switching wireless carriers.

We were reluctant because we had been customers with Verizon for 15+ years but agreed to it because we were promised $800 credits for our trade-ins, which were in perfect condition. He told us we would only owe around $200 for each new phone after the credit was applied. We reiterated and asked to be certain and were reassured this would be case. Our monthly installments on our new phones were supposed to be under $6.00 a month per line. We were told we could pay the phone off at anytime without penalty and our total bill was going to be around $120. None of that happened. 

Since then we've been treated like we didn't understand what we signed up for and even when we explain the situation all they say is is "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, in-home experts are a separate department so I'm not sure what they told you.".

We've spent countless hours on the phone getting the run around. Our sales rep ghosted, their manager never contacted us after countless attempts to track them down, and no one can find contact information for them. It's as if they don't exist in the system. We've gone to the store and called dozens of times to try to sort it out. AT&T keeps saying our phones were only worth a combined value of $40 and there is nothing they can do to help us. In-home experts represent AT&T, sell plans and products for AT&T, but AT&T as a company will not hold them accountable or help you if you go through in-home experts. The sales rep will sit on your couch and lie to your face about the offer and AT&T will do nothing about it. We tried to get our old devices back but they said it wasn't possible and they refuse to give us the promotional credit we were promised for our trade-ins. The way I see it is they flat out lied and stole an Iphone 11 and a Google Pixel 3XL that were in perfect condition right out of our hands. Our bill is over $150 and we owe almost $2k on our phones because they refuse to apply the credits we were promised. 

I genuinely thought AT&T was a reputable company that we could trust but I guess they are scammers who can steal phones from you with no accountability. Now we're stuck paying an outrageous amount to pay off our phones, or we have to stay with AT&T for 36 months. Please don't fall for it. 

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11 months ago

Really wish you would complain sooner. You shouldn't have to go 8 months without a solution and this is totally solvable and should have been in the works for a solution by December when your credits didn't start on your trade-ins.

File a better Business bureau complaint online. I don't know what he did with your phones but the trade-ins were very much eligible for full $800 credits on your new phones.

Not only that because you're a fiber customer, your service bill should be 25% off.

You seem to get indicate you have two phone lines, This is the price for two lines depending on which tier you choose. These are mixable and changeable at any time.

Your premium plan price before taxes should be $112.5

Extra $97.5

Starter $90

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1 month ago

An AT&T in home expert came to my home in August of 2023 after I ordered internet services. He offered free I-phones and stated AT&T would payoff the other carrier if I switched and bought new phones. I switched purchased iPhone 13 and 14. I am now receiving collection calls from T-Mobile. The technician appeared to be very helpful calling T-Mobile on my behalf and assisting me with setting up the new phones. I tried to contact AT&T today and was told each department has it's own set of promotions and they have no-way to verify if I was offered a promotion. This is not my only concern. My first bill was nearly 600.00 dollars because of credits promised but not rendered. I have the technician's/salesman first name and phone number with text messages regarding the 1st bill. I switched from T-Mobile because of the promotions I was offered, otherwise I had no reason to switch.

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1 month ago

I don’t think AT&T has directly ever paid off another carrier.  At best, they provide a credit to offset your termination costs, but you were responsible for paying T-mobile. 

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