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Saturday, June 19th, 2021 6:20 AM

IDENTITY ISSUES huh... fancy way to say... to lazy to verify anything don't want your BUSINESS

THIS is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! cant verify who i am WHAT?!?! i have had AT&T BEFORE for 3 or 4 years so there should be some record of me right? wrong... BUT it gets BETTER i'm trying to port in my old number from T-MOBILE that is IN MY NAME AS WELL, I live at the same address as i did when i had att, my debit card is in my name, EVEN THE INTERNET IM USING to place my order is in my name... BUT WAIT IT GETS EVEN BETTER I HAVE AN AT&T PREPAID ACCOUNT ALSO IN MY NAME ALOS with the same info on it..... even a blind monkey would know who I am with all that info NOT AT&T!!!! BUT dose AT&T ASK for my ID, PASSPORT, ANYTHING... NOPE just you S.S. number thats it but then to pore salt on the wound they say "go to the nearest store" WOW! ok... ill do that let me get my shoes and a bottle of water because the nearest store IS 45 MILES AWAY!!!! and I do not have a car so i might not make it by CLOSING TIME. ill try to call and order tomorrow if they try this CRAP with me yall have lost me for life! and EVERYBODY I can convince the same!! till then i think ill go check out the deal at OTHER WIRELESS COMPANIES im sure somebody would love to take my money yall have had 4 days and cant get it done!! there is even a VERIZON store about a mile away, save me about 44 miles in 105 degrees or i'll just stay with T-MOBILE they have ppl that answer the phone and I don't have to wait 45 mins like i did today and never got to talk to person. I don't have that kind of time sorry, hire more people or FIX your (Edited per community guidelines) online store so i don't have to make POST online and wait for a response. now i cant even port in my old number because its been taken ALREADY in all the issues i have had. i don't know what happened to AT&T but it is not the same as it was at all. dose nobody do customer service anymore you cancel my order and DO A(Edited per community guidelines)OLUTLY NOTHING TO HELP instead you tell me i have to come to come to you!! here's a hint how about give a phone number to a department that can handle things like this and look at all the accounts and SEE WITH HUMAN EYES what is going on.... O WAIT you don't even have enough people to answer the phone to try to sell me a phone much less verify anything. 

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3 years ago

If their system cannot verify your identity, then going to a store is the alternative. Nothing to do with laziness. It is either a technical issue or possibly your info is coming up flagged. I would suggest looking into your credit report to be safe.

Well if you have no car yourself, then perhaps see if a friend/family member could give you a lift. Sorry but generally speaking, companies do not change their options because of your lack of transportation.

Anyway there is nothing we have to fix for you. This is a public forum of other customers, not AT&T official support. For official support you either call or find some way to a store.

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3 years ago

Your information is checked by a computer, not a person. And it's certainly a lot easier on both if they just provide you a service, despite the fact that your information is not cross checking. 

But that's fine, if you prefer to do business with a company that does not care if your identity is stolen by a third party by all means. . .  

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