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Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 2:11 PM

I really need contact to someone who can resolve my issue. I got duped by the sales

I have spent at least 4 hours between today and yesterday trying to get an issue resolved. 


I called with a general question and allowed the agent to trick me into cancelling my iphone order with Apple (with a delivery date of Nov 3) and re-order the phone with her and receive it by 10/24.


Of course the next day after receiving an email from ATT stating that my phone would in fact arrive on 12/01.


I know that ATT cannot do anything about something that is not in stock. I am not asking for them to expedite something that they do not physically have.


But that means at any given time I can call ATT and one of their employees can lead me down whatever path they see fit. They can lie, the can make false claims just to earn a sale. 


I currently have no faith in a company who doesn't even know who made my sale and only offers an apology for the agents blatant deception. 


I do not want to discuss the situation anymore. All I want to do is be released from this company (without the early termination) so that I can place my trust in a company that has not completely given up on quality customer care.


Can someone give me the number to a department that can make this transition without all the added nonsense. Every representative I have spoken to has given me a completely different story. I just want to speak to a manager and cut ties with AT&T once and for all.

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10 years ago


Hello tracie_86


I'm sorry you're having some issues with your order. Please send us a private message by clicking here and our team will be happy to help with whatever we can. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Update: I see that you have already, thank you!






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10 years ago

I have clicked the link and provided my information. Still waiting for a response.



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10 years ago

I spoke to a representative this evening after clicking on one of those links. Here is the transcript of the conversation. There is no resolution in sight. Basically it's my fault for calling customer service. Should I be worried about giving the agent my social security number and credit card information as well? AT&A has no control over the people they hire and only offer an apology for their dishonest.


Transcript of unresolved issue:


Thank you for choosing AT&T Social Media Customer Service to assist you with your need. Please note: Protecting your personal information is one of our highest priorities; hence, you will be required to provide account related information to ensure whom we are working with. Data encryption is also enabled to protect your personal information during this chat session. Please visit for more information. 
You are now chatting with AT&T Social Media Customer Service Manager, 'Jessica L.'.

Jessica L.: Hello. This is Jessica.

tracie: hi Jessica thank you for setting up the chat

Jessica L.: Your welcome.

tracie: do I have to repeat my issue or are you aware?

Jessica L.: No I am aware of it.

tracie: ok

Jessica L.: I understand you were upset with the initial rep who sold you the phone to start with.

tracie: yes more than anything the situation is just unsettling

Jessica L.: I completely understand. I would be frustrated as well.

tracie: I completely understand that at this point no one can expedite the shipping for something they do not have

tracie: What I am looking for isn't monetary or anything like that

tracie: I am more concerned with calling AT&T at any given moment... I can be mislead for an agents benefit

tracie: Had I known the agent was not telling the truth I would not have cancelled my order with Apple which was scheduled to arrive on Nov 3

Jessica L.: I agree.

tracie: I have to go out of town on the 7th and will not have a phone to travel with

Jessica L.: I am curious do you by chance live near an apple store?

tracie: i was told that someone could send me a basic phone but i need gps cababilites

tracie: yes there is an apple store maybe 20 minutes from here

Jessica L.: do you know if the apple store near you has any in stock?

tracie: no they don't. They stated I would have to order it when I called yesterday

Jessica L.: I see.

Jessica L.: And yes we can see about sending a phone out to use while you are waiting. It would be a basic device.

tracie: the problem is I need to have gps capabilities

Jessica L.: I can understand that.

tracie: the only other thing i could do is purchase a phone that I do not want

tracie: but I do know how to do that while I wait on the iphone to show up in Dec

Jessica L.: Do you by chance have a friend or family member that may have a phone they are not using?

tracie: no unfortunately i have tried everything

tracie: i am currently using a basic phone now but will need more than this to travel

Jessica L.: Oh. I really wish that there was more that we could do.

tracie: is there a way that you could cancel all my lines without charging me a termination fee?

Jessica L.: Let me pull up the account.

Jessica L.: You are the account holder?

tracie: yes

Jessica L.: At this time if you cancel the services we would not be able to waive the early termination fees.

tracie: so what can I do?

tracie: i just have to wait a month for the phone?

Jessica L.: We would need to wait for the phone. Hopefully we will get them in stock sooner.

tracie: the problem is I would have had the phone on Nov 3 with Apple

tracie: would you like me to send you the confirmation from apple?

Jessica L.: I believe you. They are apples products so they do get them in stock faster than we do.

tracie: Do you agree that I cancelled my order based on the advice of the ATT agent?

Jessica L.: Yes I do. I am not sure why she would have said that for the fact that since pre order we have pretty much been at the delivery date of November

tracie: She even said she looked in the system and that they had almost 2000 available. I am not sure why she said any of that

Jessica L.: I certainly cannot speak for her.

tracie: but now that I have this situation I feel like no one can help me out of it

tracie: and I cannot leave without penalty

tracie: I didn't know that I should not trust the agents when I call AT&T 1-800

tracie: while someone may reprimand her and tell her not to do it again, I am stuck in a very tight situation

tracie: Ive reached out to ATT several times now and still no one can give me a decent resolution

Jessica L.: I can understand your point of view. I will for sure send a feedback to this reps manager. I can assure you that we are certainly not trained to provide false information.

Jessica L.: With the iPhone orders our hands are pretty tied. We cannot provide you with a satisfied resolution. I really do apologize for this.

tracie: Her new training doesn't really help my current problem. I am not even asking for a iphone 6 because that is unreasonable. I know you dont have it in stock

tracie: but I still need a phone

tracie: any phone at all. That allows me to use GPS

tracie: i can return it in Dec when my phone arrives

tracie: I cannot afford to buy another phone. Plus the one that comes in Dec already has over $300+ hold on my debit card

Jessica L.: Let me take a look at the phones we have

Jessica L.: For replacment devices I have no smart phones in stock right now

tracie: so I am out of luck then

tracie: not that you are not doing a good job in attempting to resolve the issue. But is there nothing that can be done?

Jessica L.: I don't see any option right now.

tracie: is there no on else I can talk to?

tracie: Is there an escalation department? or manager?

Jessica L.: No I apologize. I am a manager

tracie: I just need to hear someone tell me something other than i'm sorry but theres nothing we can do

tracie: Im kicking myself for calling ATT to begin with. And thats really not fair

Jessica L.: I understand that. But right now there is nothing we can do. If there was I would totally be doing that for you.

tracie: And you are sure no one can cancel my lines without a termination fee?

tracie: I know thats at least possible

Jessica L.: I am sure of that.

tracie: I guess we leave the issue unresolved

Jessica L.: At this time the best we can do is wait for the phone. Hopefully we are able to fulfill the order faster

tracie: I refuse to put anymore hope in AT&T. Thanks for setting up the chat

Jessica L.: Your welcome

tracie: it's you're



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10 years ago

@ATTDmitriyCM  Are your responses autogenerated? I notice that you are leaving the same response to the original post on several pages but when they respond to you you do not answer. 


Are these forums just as useless as calling the 1-800 numbers?

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10 years ago


Hi @tracie_86 


No, they're not. The forums are a peer to peer community, and any account specific issues need to be sent to our Social Media Care team. In those cases, we ask our users to send a private message to ATTCustomerCare so they can assist.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.






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10 years ago

Thanks for the clarification. 

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