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Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 4:21 AM

I am a bit confused on Warranty. Why do the pics that AT&T officially sent not match what I sent in?

I received my "defective device" back today...but this phone had it's screen shattered.


I was told by AT&T that my phone did not qualify for warranty because it was shattered...


The Phone I sent in had NO physical damage when I boxed it up and sent it to AT&*T

The phone I got returned today looks like some one took a screwdriver and shattered the glass in one precise blow.


I'm not stupid... I would no thave ever tried to claim a warranty on a phone that is in the physical condition AT&T sent back to me...

Plus!!!! AT&T sent me pictures of the box "I sent them" to prove that the box was not damaged in transit. YET the box was not the original...I wrapped my defective phone in my own small bubble wrap because the box AT&T sent had thier "bubble protection" punctured, SO I USED MY OWN< WHICH IS NOT IN THE PICTURES... YET the pics they sent me had thier protective bubble wrap intact (Their Bubble wrap should not be intact becasue it arrived at my house PUNCTURED!)...


AT&T has the audacity to send me pics of the phone right when it was opened from the box... YET I put the clear vinyl stickers on the phone to help protect it...guess what? The Phone did NOT have any of the full body vinyl stickers plus I wraped the phone in little bubble wrap.


Someone/Something shattered my phone, replaced the wrapping, packaging, shipped it backed to me, and told me that I tried to file a false/fake warranty claim...


I got flagged for using Bee Ess... But thats what this is.


If I have to eat the phone costs and contract costs... I WILL... But you will never have my or my family's buisiness again. 

That is +8 Lines, +8 Phones, and many years of "on-time-payments" ... GONE, because your warranty department is doing some shady stuff.... And I have proof and witnesses that my samsung was never cracked or ....SHATTERED like you (AT&T) sent it back.




ACE - Sage


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7 years ago

This is why I suggest people take it to a ATT store, package in front of witnesses, photo the inner and outer packaging.  

File a complaint by messaging ATT through the forum here >> @ATTMobilityCare





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7 years ago

I took it to an AT&T Store. They helped me transfer my number to a GoPhone that very morning. THEY confirmed it was a defect. THEY CONFIRMED IT was under warranty. THEY gave ME the WARRANTY toll free number. 


My Phone's Screen was not even close to having a crack!!!

They took pictures of my defective phone in a box that I DID NOT PACK!!!


But NOW... IM on the "hook" for a shattered screen phone with pictures of a box that I DID NOT EVEN SEND IT IN!


Money is not the issue... THIS IS AN ALL OUT LIE. Our family will systematicly remove/cancel ALL contracts, Pay the Phones, and pay to get out of AT&T's service. We pay in service charges what that phone is worth in 2 months... I will not be made a fool of. We will not be stolen from. We pay our dues!




With all that we spend... With all the years...Does AT&T really think we are trying to scam a warranty claim??? Samsung phones have enough problems...!!!!







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