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Friday, April 8th, 2022 2:37 AM

Hubby turning off my phone, can I reconnect myself and how?

I have my iPhone 12 Pro Max on an AT&T service plan with my soon to be ex husband. He is the primary. (Assuming my phone is paid off/no monthly payments due to own it) If he has my iPhone service turned off, can I take my iPhone somewhere else or back to AT&T and start service again myself? If so, what steps do I take to do this? 
Thank you in advance. 

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1 year ago

Let's share how you can continue your services with AT&T or start new service with a different service provider, !


As our ACE advised, to continue your services with AT&T, it'll be best to ask your soon to be ex-husband to perform a Transfer of Billing Responsibility (ToBR) for your line which will allow you to take ownership of your line on your own account.  


Here are the guidelines for processing a ToBR:

  • Your account status must be current with no past-due balance. 
  • If you have combined billing, you need to separate your services, such as AT&T Internet, Phone, U-verse TV, DIRECTV, and wireless, before transferring all or part of the account to a new owner.   
    • The accounts can be re-combined by calling us after 2 full billing periods. You'll get separate bills until then.  
    • Re-combined accounts must all have the same account owner.
    • The new account owner won’t be allowed to recreate an old combined bundle with grandfathered rights and prices.

If you decide you want to switch over to a different service provider, you'll want to review the personal device requirements and submit a device unlock request first. It's important to unlock your device before taking it to a different carrier. Otherwise your device will be tied to your husbands account and locked to AT&T's network. You will find all the information you need for unlocking your device here in the Forums.


We hope you find this information very helpful and if you still have questions, please return and let us know!


Thank you for visiting the AT&T Community!


Jonye, AT&T Community Specialist 

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1 year ago

Most people want to keep their phone number, the phone is replaceable oh, but we have a lot of things tied to our phone number. Ask your soon-to-be ex-husband to transfer the billing responsibility into your name. The phone and the number wall be transferred over to you with service in your own name.

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