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Wed, Jun 4, 2014 4:26 AM

How to make complain about AT&T wireless enterprise mobility solution team?

To Whom It May Concern,


I would like to see where I can file a formal complain about AT&T wireless enterprise account mobility solution team service. If anyone know, please reply to me. I am kindly appericated.


The reason I like to file complain because I have such bad, unprofessional, very dumb careless mistake they have made. I would like if any AT&T wireless enterprise account management to seriously alert their fellows not making this mistakes again. It is because there are no second chance since there are lots of other competitors.


I am employed by one of department of a national financial institution where headquarter in CA. Our department has recently ordered around 15 brand new Iphone 4S with same color for all members under this department. Of course I am one of the remote employee in Mid-west state. First day it arrived, it cannot be activated. It takes 2 days for AT&T enterprise mobility account manager replied to me due to bad SIM card. She would overnight express new SIM card to be replaced. Here it is the interesting part. I have had received total of 3 different SIM cards on 5th day I got my useless Iphone. I get the first one which appear to be wrong size fit into Iphone 4S in the morning time. At afternoon same day, I receive the 2nd one with correct size but it is still not able to activate. I called my department to find out and somehow they get the 3rd one and is on the way reship over to my office location. The 6th day, I get it but it is another wrong size unfit into Iphone 4S. I been told by AT&T enterprise mobility manager that she promised it has already acitivated the new SIM card and I just insert it and it will work. Or call the phone number she provide that someone able to help. This is not the case. I have been local AT&T store and I called all the phone number she provide. None of anyone able to activate or solve my issue because they all have no authority because it is an enterprise account. What's wrong with their thinking?

First of all, do they suppose to check twice the phone and SIM card is funtional before ship all out to customer. Second, you as the manager and know our department has order around 15 same model using same size of SIM card. Why they overnight me wrong one, again and again?! Even wrose, they do not follow up or unable to help me out at once to solve my issue. I have to leave the useless new iphone in my desk drawer for week. It is very very very very unprofessional, very very very very careless mistake they made. They have no clue, no knowledge, not being care to solve the issue at once. They keep making same mistakes. It is very veyr very serious problem and I am very very very very disappointed with their so called "help".

Finally, the problem solved but I would not recommend AT&T to anyone in my family and my friends and I would share this bad experience to anyone everyday on phone, talk, social website....

Please if anyone know where I can file formal complain to AT&T wireless management about this issue.








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7 years ago

Contact FCC, make a complaint with them, and you will for sure get a follow up from them.

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7 years ago

Hello Dennis, Thank you for posting!


I'm very sorry for all the issues you experienced recently, I know how frustrating it can be and just want to let you know that if you need anything in the future, please let us know here and our team will be happy to help. You can always send us a private message too by clicking here.




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