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Thursday, January 26th, 2023 5:15 PM

How long will it take for AT&T to process my return after I deliver it to USPS?

My trade-in phone was delivered to USPS on 1/12/23. It was "Picked up by the Shipping Agent" on 1/13/23. When I review my trade-in status, it still has not updated. How long will it take to process after being delivered to USPS?

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8 months ago


Or trade in? 

Their returns agent is likely Pitney bowes. If you had take a picture of the label it would have told you which Courier was going to pick up your phone from the post office and deliver the phone to its destination.

Trade-in phones do not go to AT&T they go to hyla mobile in Tennessee. AT&T will never see your phone. Hyla mobile is the single largest recycler of mobile devices in the United States. They take mobile devices from all service providers and manufacturers.

You're tracking number would work on both the postal service and Pitney Bowes if that is who shipped your phone

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