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Fri, Jun 1, 2018 5:57 AM

How do I cancel pending purchases from the App Store on an iPhone 8

How do I cancel pending purchases from the App Store 



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a year ago

@Nopedotnopecom wrote:

Apple Support told me I must enter payment info to complete the purchase and then I MIGHT be able to get a refund (I know I won't be able to). I can't even upgrade free apps without completing the pending purchase first. Such a scam!  It's like a store forcing you to buy something just because you put in your shopping cart - you are not allowed to change your mind & put it back on the shelf. It is my kid's ipad so I deleted the Apple ID, made a new one & reinstalled his apps again. 

 The Apple App Store is completely unrelated to any carrier. Purchases, cancellations, refunds are all handled through Apple and iTunes -  not any carrier -  not At&t, not Verizon, not t-mobile, etc, etc.  

 If you’re not happy with how Apple does business, complain to Apple.  



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a year ago

No, it is not a scam. Purchasing something from the App Store is not a “shopping cart.” It is a final and binding contract, and this is stated in the terms of service.


A better analogy would be that you bought something from a store and never paid for it. Now you are complaining about the fact that they won’t let you buy more items until you settle your debt.

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I made three Apple purchases and have a fourth (larger amount?) pending? How do I stop the pending charge I never made? No button to stop it?

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