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Tue, Jan 14, 2020 8:11 PM

How can I get anyone to call me back and sort out our company's contract after 4 months of trying

Good afternoon Mr Stephenson (CEO and Chairman)

I am presuming you are not reading this or would have done something about it, but I persist for the sake of good management and the hope that I can initiate change (I have a masters in business administration and customer service is something I have not only had to deal with but care about).

I regret to inform you that it’s nearly 4 months since my first official complaint and over 5 months since I attempted to get a new contract set up for this small business.


I started investigating new contracts 28th August 2019

I have dealt with at least 10 individuals in this time, promising all sorts of things with them not delivering on these promises.

First complaint sent 24th September 2019

Second complaint sent 18th November 2019

Third complaint. 13th Jan 2020

We are a small business that has given AT&T over approximately $37,000 worth of business (average bill of about $450 – usually more than that) in the last few years since moving to Charleston. It maybe small fry to you but it is a considerable amount of money to us and I was hoping to give you more.

We were on a contract which no longer served our needs so I started looking into your unlimited plan via the small business route. I wanted to compare prices on phone service charges as there are a lot of discounts depending whether you have an installation plan, are in contract or out of contract.

You would think this is simple right? In our small business if a customer asks for a broken down quote he can get that information, is not made to feel as though he is asking for the earth and is also given transparent pricing.

I spent over 2 hours on the phone talking to at least 3 different people. Each person giving me different information and each person more interested in selling me the product than listening to what questions I had. I hoped these phone calls could be used in future training workshops. I phoned from my cell phone and gave you permission to use these in training for the future in how to deal appropriately with customers (this was written in my first complaint - I have not heard whether anything was used or done).

Finally I thought if I speak to a supervisor I might get somewhere. I spoke to M (name withheld) after waiting for over 20 minutes to speak to him. When I got on the phone I explained my predicament. I asked for the cost of the service charge for our current contract for my phone line (without data) as it was out of contract and I wanted to know an out of contract cost of the service charge for a ‘phone only’ for our current contract. He told me N (amount withheld). I told him that was not correct. I had been told previously it would be P and told him that. He argued with me for 10 minutes and then relooked at it and came back to say actually it was P. No apology. I then asked for the cost of the service charge for a phone (not including the monthly purchase cost) if we decided to go for an installation plan. When he came back with a different figure from an earlier one I had been quoted understandably after the first experience I had lost faith in his ability to provide me with accurate and timely information and I asked to speak to someone else. He told me there was no one else higher than him. I asked if I could lodge a complaint and he told me I had to write in.

Interestingly in the days when word of mouth and social media are an important barometer of customer satisfaction, I mentioned this to my work colleague and he too had had a similar experience when moving house and had ended up not going with AT&T.

A gentleman from your office was in touch with details about what contract I could go for after I wrote an official complaint.


Since then in my attempt to give you more money (upgrade all our phones, put them on an installation contract and go up a level of contract) and setup a new contract this is my experience.

1. Phoned customer service as advised and got through to A who was at first very helpful. She upgraded my phone as it was out of contract. She could not change the contract until the start of our new billing cycle on 7th Nov. She assured me she would phone me on 7th to do this. We did not have time to upgrade all the others (5 more) so she said we could discuss this Monday 4th depending on her schedule.

2. I Phoned 4th Nov Monday to upgrade the other 5 phones in the office. She was not in. I was on the phone with another customer service person for 47 minutes dealing with the 1st of 5 phones. They then cut me off. No phones upgraded.

3. Heard nothing from A on 7th Nov. To be fair she left a couple of voice mails the week before saying she would contact me on 7th Nov – but no call came through on 7th Nov.

4. Phoned the regional manager – explained on voice mail that I am struggling to get anything set up – I was told he was our customer account manager by A. I had already spoken to him earlier as A he was the person to discuss this with.

5. I then left a voice mail for him 3 times and he finally got back to me when I issued a second complaint to the CEO office. He told me to contact the new regional manager as he was about to leave his post and go into another one. I did

Through this regional manager we switched contracts and got 3 more phones changed over.

Then I heard nothing

We still have 2 phones which have not been switched over and minor contract changes to take place. We are owed $352.63 from AT&T due to overcharging during this time and I have not been reimbursed by AT&T for the time I have spent on this.

I am supposed to be dealing with the regional manager and the person he allocated (the business manager - names withheld) to do this

I have heard nothing about the outstanding issues since before Christmas. I have left 3 messages for the business manager (2 before Christmas 1 after) and 1 for the regional manager last week and I am getting no response.

Perhaps they will respond to you.

Is in store any better?

My experience with customer services in store

I decided on Wednesday to go to our local AT&T store in Mt Pleasant to see if I could get somewhere with an actual person, in person. I arrived and was told to register by the one person in the store (there were 5 people sitting waiting) and I was told there was a 30 minute wait. I left without waiting. At the same time I noticed at least 2 customers who had not been dealt with who also left preferring not to wait.

Regardless of whether I get my issues sorted. Is anyone looking at the inherent problems in the organization of AT&T or is this of no interest? At no stage have I heard what is being done to address the problems I have had to face just setting up a new contract and trying to give your organization more money than we were previously paying.

If you truly are a changing evolving company, then you will take this complaint seriously and listen to what its telling you

- Individuals on your helpline need to be better trained to provide accurate timely information

- Accurate pricing information for businesses needs to be more readily available to customers so they can compare deals and changes in contracts (these need to include information about discounts). This is getting better for personal customers but there is no where I can go to look at this for our small business

- Businesses need to have the same perks and levels of service that families have. It is now cheaper for our employees to go for individual plans than a group business one.

This reads like a TV docu series but it is true.

I despair!





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4 weeks ago

this is a customer forum At&t doesn’t read the forums and certainly the ceo doesn’t

While AT&T employees do look at forum posts from time to time, we are here to represent the forum with our experiences as customers and do not represent AT&T in any official capacity with our responses and do so on our own time unpaid and off the clock. As employees we are not rewarded nor compensated to participate in these forums This forum is comprised of regular customers to communicate with other customers to offer advice and share experiences same as any other user Although there is a small team of customer care specialists that monitor the forums the sheer volume of posts are simply too many posts for these agents to respond to each one of them.
*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.

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Fair enough. Customers should see what ordinary people have to go through to upgrade a contract and then they can choose which company to go with. In my experience I would avoid AT&T if you want a straightforward non taxing switch.