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Mon, Dec 21, 2020 6:50 PM

How can I get ahold of someone who actually has the power to rectify situations caused by AT&T itself?

December 5th - my husband and I switched from Sprint to AT&T. We upgraded our phones and purchased one for our son, and added a line for him. 3 new phones. Mine was available in store. 2 had to be ordered. The store manager told us his system showed that one phone would be delivered in a few days, but he couldn't see which one.

December 6th - a Company called Enjoy calls me from outside my house with a delivery from our order... only it is the phone I already got in store. He told me he didn't have order placed for either of the other phones I was waiting for. He told me I would receive an email updating this order, but I never did.

That week, I called the store where we made the purchase, asking for the manager, but he was not in. I told the person on the phone that the order was messed up and we need help. I was told I would get a call back. I never did. I left another message on voicemail and my husband left two messages. We never received a call back.

December 9th - I went into the store and asked why my calls had not been returned. I was told that it was the manager's job to call us back, not anyone elses, and that the manager was on PTO. I was told they could not help me because they can't see anything once they place the order, and they have no power to change anything because they were a Franchise and not a corporate store. I was told by an AT&T employee at that store that the only way I could find out what happened to my order and get it fixed was to go to a corporate store. So, I drove a few minutes away to a corporate store. They re-ordered the phones for me, but had to choose a new phone number for my son's phone. I was promised my husband's phone would arrive by the 17th, and that my son's phone would arrive by Monday or Tuesday (Dec. 14th or 15th).

Dec. 15th - My son's phone (our only Christmas present to him) did not arrive. I called the corporate store. They looked up the order to find that it was in reserve status... not ordered!! They said they had an SE phone in store, but that they could not give it to me because then we would lose our promotion. They said they would put in a ticket to the shipping department, but it would take 24 - 48 hours to get any answers. I called several times over the next few days. I was told they were working on it and would get back to me, but they did not get back to me.

Dec. 18th. - I called the first AT&T store and told them about the dilemma. They have a new manager now who told us we could simply come into the store and they could cancel the order and purchase the phone in-store with the same promotion. So, my husband went in... only to discover it wasn't that simple. They needed someone with more power to cancel the order. We were told they would call us back the next day. No call.

Dec. 21st- I called the store and asked to talk to the manager. The manager was not working today. I asked to talk to his boss because this needed to be solved before Christmas!! I was PROMISED a call back. I told her that everyone keeps saying that to me and no one calls back. She promised she would. That was 2 hours ago.

Who can I call directly who can fix this and get us the phone in the next few days! This problem began with AT&T's shipping department, it seems, but there has to be someone who can fix it!!

We are NEW customers and were simply trying to purchase a phone! WHY does this have to be SO complicated?!!!


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1 y ago

If the order was through an "authorized retailer", that would be a 3rd party dealer who sends new orders to another company. If the issue is from how they submitted it in the first place, then they are the ones to fix it. Otherwise if through a corporate store, or issues are from after the order was correctly submitted, then that you would need to call AT&T to discuss. Sounds like you need to speak to a supervisor at this point.

Be prepared that with getting the issue fixed, there is a high chance you will not have the phone as soon as you would like.

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