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Sat, Dec 5, 2020 10:40 PM

How bad at&t is

Even starting from the store of which I bought my AT&T from I have had nothing but problems. it begins with the employee of my local store suggesting that I buy my phone somewhere else because they weren't going to sell me a phone outright because I was only a prepaid account. I have bought several new phones through AT&T and have never had this problem but I signed up for a plan because I desperately needed a phone. I take the phone home and the second part of my problems begin now with payment when I receive my first bill in. As I previously stated I did switch plans to allow myself to buy a new phone and the gentlemen who sold me the phone estimated my monthly bill to be roughly 80-90 dollars a month. Imagine my face opening an envelope to a bill that said I owed AT&T $153.46. Immediately I start breaking down what they were charging me, to find that they have the audacity to charge me for 4 g lte use for $20.00 as if I wasn't already paying to use the internet. Then I'm reading to find out who to reach out to about how ridiculous my bill is and why I'm being charged for things I did not ask for or want including insurance and an activation fee. While once again reading over my bill I see they have a phone number for customers who needed help but only if you pay them $5. Seriously? You charge $5 for your customers just to be able to get a hold of you? My other way to pay was at and of course you go over to the website to pay just to be told that you need an activation code which funnily enough can only be sent through the mail. So now I have an activation code in the mail and I'm going to have to call and pay $5 just to pay my phone bill so it doesn't get suspended. Then the lady I was on the phone with had no answers as to the mystery charges AT&T throws on your bill and told me straight out it made no sense for AT&T to try to charge multiple times for 4g lte use. Overall review and summary of my AT&T customer experience, this will be my last phone and or plan purchased from AT&T and while large companies may all be looking to rip us off AT&T certainly knows how to do it quite well. If you are looking for a new phone company this is not the one for you please save yourselves not only time but the beyond hair taring stress. 





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2 months ago

Smdh 🤦that’s a summary not a bill it doesn’t include discounts or promotions and has over exaggerated taxes. Your looking at what you would pay without the discounts. 

While AT&T employees do look at forum posts from time to time, we are here to represent the forum with our experiences as customers and do not represent AT&T in any official capacity with our responses and do so on our own time unpaid and off the clock. As employees we are not rewarded nor compensated to participate in these forums This forum is comprised of regular customers to communicate with other customers to offer advice and share experiences same as any other user Although there is a small team of customer care specialists that monitor the forums the sheer volume of posts are simply too many posts for these agents to respond to each one of them.
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2 months ago

That's my issue now. I switched from another carrier. And waiting for my first bill. I already know I am paying 30.00 x 6 phones for activation. Plus 40.00 for insurance for a family plan and my normal bill. Luckily my military discount should already be there. Now I am waiting for my trade in to complete to get credit for the 4 or 5 phones I didn't get free from the start. My first bill may be about 700 to 800.00 which I will find out in the next few days. And don't get me started about auto draft. My end of bill cycle is the 6th of the month and they draft it on the 10th. What happen to getting 20 days to pay it even with auto draft set up. 


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2 months ago


Your first bill includes more than one month service. If you were a brand new AT&T customer it would also include an activation fee, if you were switching from AT&T prepaid with your existing number there is no activation fee. 

If you are participating in a phone promotion, your phone promotion credits do not start for 3 months, after you trade in your old phone. (qualifications must be met)

If you are paying by credit card your auto-pay is drafted six days after the end of your bill cycle. If your bill cycle ends on the 6th that means your credit card payment will be processed on the 12th. If you change to a debit card your auto payment is drafted two days before your due date. 

Prices for service are online, did you read them? 

You do realize that every carrier offers prepaid, and it's always cheaper than postpaid?

It's self managed, no frills service. 


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