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Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 5:55 PM

Horrific service when attempting to port a number from Verizon to my ATT account/May switch to Veriz

My spouse was laid off and his org was good enough to give him the cell number he has used for a decade. All he had to do was port the number to ATT. They gave us the account number, phone number and even called ahead to ensure Verizon released the number. One would think this was an easy task as we did the ground work. Unfortunately that is not the case and we still have no ported number, 5 days later. I called customer svc on 3/31 and spoke with Courtney for an hour only to learn she needed a PIN number which we were unaware of. She said she'd save what she input and call us back on Monday, 4/4 at 11AM. I ensured I did not take a meeting at that time and waited for her call. Three hours later I called and talked with Louis who transferred me to an automated number that hung up on me. I called back and talked with Jake, 45 minutes on the phone with him and he said he thought he had to transfer me to Porting. 20 minutes later a young Indian woman (could not make out the name) told me I had to talk with customer service in sales. She transferred me to Rich who said none of my information was saved and I had to start over. I didn't have the 15 digit phone ID because it was at home and I had given it to Courtney so he said he couldn't help me. I called my husband and got the number and called back and started over with Roxanne. At the end of the call Roxanne assured everything was handled and she suggested I add my husband as an authorized user so he could go to the store and pick up the needed free SIM card today, the 5th. He drove to the store and there they told him that the SIM card had been shipped to our house, the number was reserved, and there was nothing they could do to help him. He would need to get the SIM card in the mail,  put it in his  phone and either drive back to the store or call customer service for help. This sucks by the way. So, if the SIM card arrives and works, great, if this is not resolved by Friday, I've asked my spouse to go to Verizon and open an account. I will then closer our AT&T account (after almost two decades) and switch to Verizon. I worry about the technical savvy of a telco when they cannot port a number easily, cannot view what other customer service reps have done, and do not appear to have standard procedures in place for what must be a common occurance. I will NOT be recommending ATT, based on this experience. On top of all of this, I get the pleasure of paying a $15 activation fee for the inconvenience. ATT should pay me for the hours I've put into trying to accomplish something so easily handled at other places. 

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7 years ago

If the company called Verizon to make sure the number would be released, they would have been given the list of required information to port a number.

1.  Account number

2.   Phone number

3.   Account passcode/PIN


FYI,  you will need your ATT PIN number to port your numbers - or do anything else - with your ATT account.

Verizon and ATT added these 4 digit numbers as an extra security for the accounts.



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