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Saturday, December 30th, 2023 2:01 AM

Horrible service in general

I switched over to att after being loyal to another service for over 10 years. The sales rep. Did his song and dance and I went with it. Boy oh boy has it been (Edited per community guidelines). I and only 3 months into this service and I have had 3 monthly bills toppling over $500 each. The sales rep emailed me a quote with a price of well very well under that to be exact $189 for wireless phone service with five lines and home internet. The quote was too good to be true but it was a quote a great one at that. I scheduled a meeting with the sales rep and did the deal I did not know or rather the sales rep didn't tell the whole truth, because I never knew of any of the other fees any of the costs that are on my bill currently. We had trade in phones that he stated would be an even trade, that was a lie. He even stated that are two bills for wireless and internet would be combined as one bill, we have two bills, and nowhere nowhere near the price amount that I agreed to when I agree to the quote. Plus being charged several times when the sales rep stated he would get rid of that and after it went through the cells rep stated he could get me my money back... That was a lie. After about a month the sales rep dropped answering my calls, My text messages, and my emails. When my phone service was cut off a second time I called customer service did my song and dance fighting back the anger to try and not yell at a person that is not their fault. Even after all that almost a month later, no "Higher Management" has got in contact with me just to ask a simple question of .... WHY? ... 

I am absolutely appalled disgusted frustrated and infuriated with this business. I will never recommend this business to anyone not even my worst enemy. This business really has nothing to offer anymore customer service is no longer customer service it is just there. No motivation whatsoever. The attitudes of the "Upper Management" is absolutely frightening on how much they actually get away with. I hope after this someone in that position will get in contact with me and ask me that simple simple question of why, or what's going on. Well let's see. 

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4 months ago

I don't know how it is you've been in touch with higher management?? Typically the way to get a hold of upper management is to file a better business bureau complaint online. Then they call you.

They can't fix everything. But they should be able to provide you accurate pricing for the five lines you have. If you've been a customer for 3 months you would have been eligible for $20 off your internet service if you were a new internet customer.  They're also should have been switch credits if you switched from a different cellular provider.

It sounds like you're also still paying for phones rather than getting bill credits which should kick in three or four months after trading in your old phones.  

These in-home reps can't really offer you much that you couldn't have gotten by walking into an AT&T store and signing up for AT&T internet and cell phone service. Except that they would have gotten the numbers right and you would have been able to physically hand over your trade-ins and get a receipt (which I assume you do not have now)

Price for five phone lines is published.  Any discount program would have gotten you five lines of premium for the same cost as extra.

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4 months ago

You're right they cannot fix everything. Also what I meant by upper management was at the fact that I called and complained pretty much cursed the customer service representative out and he even found discrepancies in my bills, Yes two of them. As he was going through and explaining it to me in detail. The customer service representative that I was speaking to also said okay good thing this conversation is recorded I will pass it up the chain of command and see what happens. Obviously nothing has happened but that is what I meant by upper management they say the calls are recorded for quality control yeah I hardly doubt it. I am sorry please forgive me but I wasn't looking for a change of service He actually got in contact with me I entertained myself while I was bored at work and spoke with him(In home rep). Told him what I was currently paying for cell phones and house internet. He then worked his magic stated he can get me this that and the other. Sent me an official quote via email. I agreed. Yes you would be correct when you stated that I did not have receipts for the trade-ins that is absolutely correct trade-in values were incorrect also individual phone price and plan were different even though three phones were the same. Combining of existing internet bill and new wireless bill never happened cancellation of TV that he stated he could would and did do never happened. All of these things were not only stated but discovered by the customer service representative that I spoke with over the phone after yelling and screaming at him. Somehow someway not sure at all they have the original quote that was sent to me that doesn't even nearly match what my bill states. So I'm sorry I didn't do my own research should have just went with my gut feeling and stayed loyal to the service that I was with for the amount of time that I was with. And I even talk to my wife and we both said this is too good to be true but it is written down on paper A legal binding contract or email with a corresponding email stating yes I will agree to said terms. So forgive me if I sound like an a-hole but all I'm asking for is help from somebody there with the service or upper management from the service or even another sales rep. But none of that is probably going to happen.

I almost forgot Yes I did make a claim with a Better Business Bureau and gave them all the documentation that I had from physical papers to emails and text messages Even gave them print outs of my bank account statement showing the charges. Please like I said don't take this as I'm being a hole or something but I've done that you just wanted to see if I can get any other help. But thank you for your informative knowledge.

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3 months ago

@gravesraves  That’s old information. 

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