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Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 4:16 PM

Honoring grandfathered unlimited data plan for iPhone6

I pre-ordered an iphone6 through AT&T's website. I did not see an option for keeping my plan, and so pressed a "suggested plan" button about a shared plan.  I hadn't realized I was giving anything up, and when I did very soon realize I lost my unlimited data, I called AT&T and had them open a case to revert me back to my old plan. A few days later I bought an iphone6 at the AT&T store and cancelled the online order.  I followed up with AT&T by phone and was told a decision would be made regarding my grandfathered plan by Sept. 30 and that if I didn't hear from AT&T I should concact them. When I called AT&T on Oct. 1 I was told the case had been approved- and I was grandfathered, and that I would soon receive confirmation in writing.  Today I called AT&T and found out that this was NOT TRUE--my case was denied on or about Oct. 22.    I feel as if I have been duped by a misleading website, and find it hard to belive that AT&T won't treat a long-term client with more respect after explaining my saga.  I am ready to leave AT&T only because I feel it's the only stand I can take as a consumer.  Fingers crossed that someone who empathizes with my situation will call from AT&T shortly, as a supervisor is supposed to call me, or that someone can help me here. PS I was told the plan was recommended to me by the AT&T rate program because it only looks back at your last 3 months of usage, when I was in Europe and have totally different usage than when I'm based in the US. PSS In the midst of all this I had asked that my International Roaming plans be suspended, as I was back in the US, and this was never done! Thankfully a representative did retroactively take care of this for me today and this time I demanded something in writing.


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8 years ago

Was online looking at Uverse billing stuff and noticed something didn't look right on my cell plan and come to see that I was somehow moved from my Unlimited grandfathered plan to some mobile share plan. I did not authorize or change anything. I'm in the middle of my contract and have had my current phone for almost a year and a half. Of course it is now outside call in hours and even though the website says online agents are there until 3am EST they are all busy and I can't contact anyone to figure out what the he!! is going on. If they don't fix this they will be losing all my business for everything. 


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8 years ago


Hello @iamfedup 


I'm sorry you're having some issues with your plan. We can help you with that! Please send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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