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Sun, Mar 3, 2019 12:17 AM

Here we go again

So does anyone have problems with everything that has to do with the AT&T world? I am literally trying to give them more money and they are making me feel like I'm going crazy. I refuse to call because of the wait time and communication issues once i do get thru. I HATE to visit a store and the salespeople trying to force every little thing on me to buy because that is their job so i tried online and the adventure was on. Once I finally got logged in with the login they gave me, which I had to figure out myself because after waiting for 7 hours or so for a Facebook response I never got, i added the items to my cart that I wanted to purchase only to me taken to a screen that said my shopping cart was empty. This happened 3 times folks. So you can imagine the rage boiling in my guts right now. If you are thinking of switching to Verizon sprint or whomever i strongly suggest you do it. This is so stupid i am literally hating myself for doing it right now. When they refuse to take money from you for a product that is already overpriced because you are just paying for the name then its just silly for me to keep doing it



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2 years ago

I get the feeling that you're still looking to get this resolved, however this isn't the best place to express your concerns.


If you want to have an AT&T wireless expert help you out, I recommend reaching out on the AT&T Wireless forums.

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a year ago


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