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Need help understanding your bill?
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Monday, November 13th, 2017 10:04 PM

Have you been ripped off by a so called promotion? Or know how to resolve it.

Ha! Where to begin?? First I was told, we were signing up for a BOGO promotion. They somewhat honored it. However not the total price but the majority of it. Then they didn't honor the BOGO for the other set of phones we purchased. We were suppose to be getting a work discount. Nope! We were suppose to get a $100 visa card. We got it but it won't work. We were also suppose to get $500 discount on a samsung TV. Ha! Nope. We followed all the steps in order to receive these promotions.  This is the bill we were expecting. 

Barbara: $115 At&t Plus multi line 6x $20 access =$120 $25 (1) samsung $29 (1) iPhone total of $289 -18% work discount which I was told pretty much covers taxes and fees.

Barbara: That's the total I was expecting. Plus the $25 per month for direct TV which we're billed separately for. There hasn't been any issues with that.

 The actual total is $373.

We would not have signed up for this if the sales person would had been honest. I spent 57 minutes being hung up on or being transferred to the next person and eventually hung up on. Then I decided to try chatting with a rep online. No resolution.

Between on the so called deals this is the total I'm getting screwed... $5390!!

Now the $25 for direct TV we wouldn't had paid for is $750 for the 30 month contract. $770.10 for the iphone we wouldn't had purchased if it wasn't bogo. $ $870 for the other iPhone we wouldn't have purchased. If we didn't buy the iPhones we couldn't have bought the 2 ipads each $20/month + 2 iphones 20/mon a total of 80/month x 30 contract a total of $2400. Plus the $600 of gift cards I didn't receive. A grand total of $5390!!


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7 years ago

  First bill for any TV, internet or cell carrier is always for more than a single month.  Read the dates on the bill.  

Your $289 also doesn’t count taxes and fees, which are averaging $5 per line.    BOGO credits start in 2 to 3 bills. What does “partial honored” mean?

I’m also wondering why no activation fees, should be $25 each unless your employer FAN discount took care of that.  

There is no discount on service on the unlimited plan except military.  The $25 off your TV service is to compensate for that and is equal to 22% discount off the unlimited plan.

   How do you figure the $5,000 price tag?   



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3 years ago

I have been getting screwed by att for 6 months now. Signed up for a 1000 off iPhone if you trade in an eligible phone and port a line. I have to call every month , every  month they tell me it is fixed and it is not. Now I am out $2000. Time to lawyer up . Company is a scam and a fraud.

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