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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 2:49 PM


Going on a 4 day cruise. Have the Samsung droid phone. I get many text updates etc daily. When we are in Cozumel, what are the rates and if high how do i shut off the texts. I have unlimited messaging...Thanks in advance.

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11 years ago

Accessing the roaming network while on a cruise

    Wireless Maritime Services, an AT&T joint venture, provides GSM voice and GPRS data roaming services on select cruise ships. AT&T wireless services customers can use their AT&T wireless phone (with compatible frequency) to access this roaming network while on board a cruise ship that provides this service. For a list of participating cruise ships, select the Cruise Ships link on our Wireless Travel Guide tool.


     This capability is automatically available to all AT&T wireless services customers. You do not need an International Roaming feature on your account to roam from a cruise ship; however, International Roaming rates do apply.

When using the cruise ship network, the International Roaming voice rate is $2.49 per minute. Data usage is billed at the standard pay-per-use rate (approximately $20 per MB).


What to keep in mind when on a cruise

  • The cruise ship network is turned on once the ship is at sea. Generally, the cruise ship network is shut down when the ship is within twelve miles of land. The network is turned back on once the network is no longer near the coordinates of a port.
  • While roaming on the cruise ship, your device will display one of the following: "AT&T," "901-18," "Cellular at Sea," or "NOR-18."
  • None of the discounted International Roaming voice plans apply while on a cruise ship.
  • The only discounted International data plan that applies on cruise ships is the Business Data Global Unlimited plan.
  • Domestic voice rates apply while aboard a cruise ship only when it is docked or tendered at a U.S. port.
  • Voice usage while aboard a cruise ship when it is docked or tendered at a foreign port is billed at the International Roaming rate for that country.

    For more information on International Roaming rates by country, see our International Roaming Rates and Coverage.

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