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Tue, Nov 24, 2020 3:57 PM

Gift card help- 2 new phones & switched cell service

I need some help from ATT cares.

I had a 30 minute chat online with a rep that could not help.(I captured that chat & can private PM ATT cares rep, it has the issue outlined.)

I had a 30 minute hold & chat with ATT rewards rep that could not help. 

Synopsis: ATT rep came to my house while having home Internet service installed.

Upsold me 4 line cell service

I ported 4 lines from Verizon.

Bought 2 new IPHOne max 10's after being told we would receive 2 $200 visa gift cards for doing so & trading in our 2 iPhone 6's.

Rep came back to house to port numbers, install sims in new phones.

We never received boxes to send phones in nor the gift cards.

Everything is in text with the rep.

Rep said she did not know what the issue was, said contact customer service.

Rep has now "dropped off face of the earth" and not responding to texts.





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2 months ago

how long ago was it? promotions ,discounts and rewards dont kick in until the 3rd billing cycle, you might check the link below and periodically for the rewards to show up

Rewards cards can be claimed here

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2 months ago

Thank you.

Order was 8-26, we have gotten our 3rd bill.

I have been to this site as well as my conversations with other reps, does not seem to be any record or any rebate anywhere on ATT side, as far as these folks could tell.

As well, we have received no trade in instructions.

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