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Sat, Mar 4, 2017 7:48 AM

Getting phone unlocked

I am in an endless loop re getting device unlocked. The saga: went to store. They said they could not hrlp;,call 611 611 says they cannot hrlp, go online. Online takes awhile to figure out as I need to create a new passcode. Then I am not eligible be ause there is a balance on my phone since ATT no longer offers phones as part of contract; instead, no contract but pay for phone. Fine, I pay off phone. Am told need to wait 72 hours for that be reflected. Ok. 72 hours later I enter unlock request, referring to my phone for its IMEI. Next I have to wait for email to confirm the request. Fine, did that. Couple days later: request denied, try again. Ok, I go through the song and dance again and wait. Request deined agsin, as account data does not match request. Since all data in request is directly drawn from account, this makes no sense. I call 611. They try to direct me back to web. I persist through three 10 minute holds. Get a person. She eventually understands what i need and looks at account to see if all matches. It does, and she has no idea why the request is not going though but wants to know what I plan for the weekend and what I watch on TV. I explain that after this horror show a a loyal ATT cudtomer for 30 years will never allow another ATT thing into my world. She originates a case telling somebody that all account data matches and i need my phone unlocked. I need to then wait for another email, confirm that, and wait another 48 hours. The message just arrived saying that the unlock request was denied because my data does not match their records. What to do?


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5 y ago

apply for the unlock as a non customer




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Send a private message to @ATTMobilityCare. But they won't even read it until Monday and then it could be a couple days before they get back to you.

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