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Sunday, April 29th, 2018 12:40 AM

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In March I was dumb enough to decide to switch from Verizon to Att. Worst choice i’ve Made, since March I have had issues from porting my number in speaking to 4 different agents ( just to port in) to currently being lied to by two the customer service agents. 


I decided to port in one number in, the SIM card that was sent to me didn’t work, so I was sent a second one. When I actually called to port the number in I was told I needed to accept terms and conditions in the second sim and number would be immediately ported in. I did the entire process phone didn’t work, had to call four times to finally get the phone to work. Fast forward to my first bill, I get a bill for two lines! Why I only activated one sim and have used one line only. The bill clearly is charging me for two line although it has no usage for the second line. No calls or data usage. 


I called customer service and explained my dilema, she advised me she would remove the second line and I would receive a credit within 24 hrs. I made the payment for the one line since I was assured the charges for the second line would be removed. Two weeks later, the charge is there I called in this morning to speak to someone and she blatantly lied to me. ( att shld screen their calls). She assured me that she had to call a different department placed me on hold 3 times came back and said you will have a credit within 24 hours (again). I then decided to call later spoke to another representative and I explained to him the situation he didn’t understand me, I said can you please read the notes from this morning. He said “ In the notes it states the agent told you that you wouldn’t be getting a credit”. 


The unprofessionilism that ATT has with their clients is beyond me. I immediately asked him to transfer me to a Manager. I was on hold for 39 minutes before the phone promt told me to call back later and hung up on me.


im not only being lied to, ripped off and hung up on by these people that are being paid to listen to what the client needs to say. If you ask me save your time, at is awful, with Verizon your on hold for sometime but you always get the help you are requesting. 


In the end I’m still being billed for charges on something i never authorized or used. Oh not only was I initially told I was month to month now i was told I have a two year contract. I have a printed chat of the conversation i had with one of the agents as well. 


I need someone in management at att that is professional to contact me. Speaking to your agents it’s a joke.


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6 years ago

If the service didn’t work, you should have switched back to Verizon immediately.  

You had the right idea, I did the same.  I moved my line to test the service figuring it was cheaper to pay one restock fee.   

If you were porting in one number, how did they bill you for 2 lines?  That makes no sense.

Where you went wrong...  you should switch in store.   ATT or Best Buy.    You would have had the number ported and service tested in one hour.  If it didn’t work, you would have been under the 3 day cancelation period (rather than the 14 Day remorse).  Within Best Buy, you could have switched back again ..... so easy.

In 4 years, I’ve never had the sort of service you describe on the phone, chat or in person. 


This is primarily a customer populated forum, not the way to reach support.  Try live chat.

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6 years ago

Greetings @Veebmee!

Thank you for sharing your recent experience with me about setting up new service. I regret to hear how much trouble you’ve had and I’m happy to help!

I would like to gather more information, so I will be sending out a private message to your Forum’s inbox. Please keep a close eye out. Thanks so much for your time.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Jenn, AT&T Community Specialist

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