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Sunday, September 21st, 2014 9:06 PM

FamilyTalk 550: any discount for *not* upgrading?

My wife and I are trying to decide whether to keep her iPhone 5S (upgraded last week) or "roll back" to her 5. At issue is whether there is a drop in the cost for her line if she doesn't upgrade. Currently, we pay $50/mo, but if we did a "buyer's remorse" and returned the iPhone 5S, would the line stay at $50 or would it drop in cost? I know the Mobile Share plan does, but this question is specifically about Family Talk. Anecdotal evidence is fine. 🙂

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9 years ago

with the old Family Talk plans, there are no discount for being out of contract. The price you pay is the price you pay. the out of contract discount is only on the Mobile Share Data Plans.

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