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Thursday, September 24th, 2020 5:11 AM

Falsely accused of Fraud due to terrible customer service & faulty business practices

Run-through of events


I will start this off by saying that hopefully, this run-through will give a better understanding as to how broken AT&T is. My attempt to account for every single event that took place will hopefully shed light on what transpired, but being as so many things took place, I may have left out some of the finer details. Alas, I will try my best. (please excuse grammatical errors and misspellings as this was completed in Notepad) =)


Sept 21 Morning

Attempted signing up for service via ATT.com via my cellphone. The service and devices chosen would require a $500 down payment. That was not doable for me. I refreshed the page several times while cycling through device options and plan options. The credit check page was also refreshed several times while going back and forth through options, which may have resulted in false positives. Ultimately did not sign up or continue as the service and device payments were too high. This was all done online in the early AM of Sept 21.


Sept 21 Afternoon

I called ATT to see if a better deal could be offered over the phone as that is fairly standard when shopping for new phone plans. This phone call ran for over 4 hours (call log can be provided) and I ultimately got hung up on. This person initially told me that the $500 down option for the phones I wanted was the only available option at which point they talked me through different devices. I originally wanted an S20 Ultra 5G & I would bring my wife's Pixel 4 XL over from Verizon, but that wasn't doable at a price that I could afford. At this point, the rep talked me into going with a Note 10+ for myself, note 10 for my wife, bring the pixel 4 over, and also add a Samsung A11 that was free as having 4 lines total would drive the price down. I wasn't happy about the phone options as it's not what I wanted, but I gave in. After being on hold for 30+ minutes (I assumed he was getting the package set up), the rep came back onto the phone to tell me that the Note 10+ option was unavailable because the promotion had ended. I was fairly annoyed at this point as I was reserved, to begin with about getting 2 phones I didn't want from the start, but now he came back to tell me that one of the phones I didn't want wasn't even available. I was pretty much done at this point, but he said that I could go with the regular note 10 for both of us and the price would be lower overall. I was still reserved, but I ultimately said yes to this option. After being on hold for even longer and going through what equated to maybe 3 fraud checks (a fraud check was performed for every single device change that took place, so the count would be 1 for the original S20, 1 for the note 10+ & note 10, and a third for the 2 regular Note 10 option I settled on. During the 3rd verification to finalize everything I was hung up on. At this point, the call ran for 4hrs 0min 2sec.


Sept 21 Afternoon - directly following the 4-hour call with ATT

Following the previous engagement, I called back directly afterward to see if I could reach the rep I spoke to. Not possible as the new rep didn't give me the option to be transferred and had no record of our interaction. Even if this was possible I could tell that once the call drops unless they call you back you are going to need to start over, which is an advantage for the new rep as they are creating the order for themselves at this point. I ran the new rep through what just happened on my 4-hour call and I jokingly mentioned that maybe the rep was new, which is why it took so long. The new rep laughed and assured me that he was different. He was the "one" who could get it done. I ran this new rep through what was going to be on the final order (2 note 10's in Aura Glow, 1 A11, and bring 1 phone over) and he confirmed everything to get the order going. I ultimately spent 30 minutes on hold of which the rep came back every 2-3 minutes to tell me that he was still there and he would get everything taken care of. This was a nice gesture as I'm sure he could tell that my annoyance level was at its peak, so he wanted to take care of me due to the last experience I had. During the final stride of getting the account taken care of, he put me on hold for the last 35 min of our call (total time was 1hr 8min 39sec) of which he never came back and I ended up getting hung up on. At this point, I was done with calling in as I was getting nowhere and had 5 hours of my time wasted. I ended up going online and setting up a new order that was ultimately approved. This order included a Note20 5G Ultra, Note20 5G, A11, and a sim for one of the numbers I would be porting over. I messed up and didn't apply this number to the Note20, but ultimately did not want to cancel anything as I didn't want the order to get messed up. The order was confirmed, paid for (wouldn't be withdrawn until the devices shipped), and completed. All was well up until the following day (Sept 22).


Sept 22

I reached out to ATT via the automated web chat at around 12:30-1 pm CST to ask for a change be made to my order as I could not change the delivery method myself due to an unknown error. During the initial set up of the order (order#: 23-299639037225129) I did not realize there was an in-store pick-up method, so I attempted to rectify this by initiating a chat session. The chat went well and I ultimately decided to keep the shipping option as the phones would arrive promptly. I needed the phones by Thursday (9/24) as I had a business trip coming up on 9/25. The rep confirmed that the phones would arrive on 9/24, so all was well on that end. At 4:53 pm I received an email notification from ATT that the above-mentioned order was canceled, but there wasn't a reason provided. At this point, I decided to try and place the order (new order#: 23-799640644415629) again as an in-store pick-up. My concern at this point was that the order would not arrive on time being that it was canceled and it also allowed me to get the phones earlier. I placed the order and it processed my payment. I was immediately charged $204.60 as the order was set to be an in-store pick up, so the withdrawal was expected. Not even 2 minutes later the order was canceled unexpectedly. At this point, I had no idea what was going on. The order was placed and I was charged, so what was the problem? I called my nearest store and explained what happened. I spoke to a gentleman named Jose who said the phones were available and he could set up an in-store appointment for me. I approved this as I needed to get something going being as it was now 6 pm on a Tuesday and I need things to be in order by Thursday. 

I arrived at the store and checked in with Jose. I ran him through a brief synopsis of what transpired from my calls to ATT and the order cancellations that took place. Jose got the order set back up exactly the way I had it configured online which took about 30 minutes. Once this was completed he had me speak to the fraud department to confirm my identity. All went well. After another 30 minutes or so Jose tried to finalize the order, but required me to speak to a second fraud employee. It took about 30 minutes to get in touch with someone, but once they got on the phone with me they immediately asked me "so why did you apply online 18 times" in a very suspecting and condescending tone. At which point I told them that was not true at all. I applied 2 times with the phone reps and 2 times with the online orders that were canceled. I did not account for the online orders I ultimately did not proceed with on the 21st as I called ATT directly. I also did not account for the application in the store itself as I was directly in front of an employee with my ID on the table. At that point, I told this individual that I did not appreciate the tone they took with me and I also did not appreciate being accused of fraud. After telling them this they said, "well I am not going to allow you to sign up with ATT. You will not be able to sign up with ATT in the future". The phone call lasted all of 45 seconds of which I was called a thief on speakerphone (forgot to mention that when I was handed the phone this person was on speaker) and humiliated due to false accusations with no basis. The likely reason this person acted this way is that they wanted to get off the phone as it was almost 8:30 pm central at this point. Regardless I can't be held at fault due to ATT's broken systems that create false positives for fraud via their website, phone reps, and ATT in-store visits. 


To briefly wrap this whole thing up I will say this, I am an extremely patient individual. I gave ATT chance after chance and they ultimately wasted my time, patience, and called me a criminal. Is this how ATT treats their current customers? If so...I am sorry. I am so very sorry. For any potential new customers...don't do it. Go with another company. Verizon is bad, but when I had issues and required corporate office assistance, I got it. The take away from this is that it's easier to be accused of criminal behavior than it is to get service with AT&T.

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4 years ago

Hello @shelbybcarroll!


We appreciate your comment and will forward your remarks to the correct department for review and consideration.


Thank you for your participation in the AT&T Community & Forums.


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4 years ago

I am in the midst of the same nightmare — After moving my wife & my accounts to AT&T somehow our accounts effectively disappeared due to a WRONG FRAUD DESIGNATION.  Sadly there seems no way for AT&T to undue their mistakes.  We are in a horrendous situation — feels like identity theft — PLEASE HELP

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