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Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 11:16 PM

Ever been mislead over the phone by ATT

So, I have been an ATT customer for over 12 years and have probably paid over $15000 through that time to ATT.   In March,  ATT had a BOGO deal, but you had to add a new line.   So I called in to see if we could somehow do the BOGO deal without adding a line and the lady I talked to told me I could do it with a ghost number.  I thought great, since we were still using iphone 4's.  The lady also stated that after we recieved the new phones I would need to call in and cancel the ghost line.  I confirmed one last time that we would only pay for two lines, and I was assured over the phone that was the case.   I had an unexpected trip out of town for about a week and a half and when I got back the phones were at the house.   I called in again, like I was told to do, to cancel the ghost line, of course I was talking to a different person.  The new lady, over the phone, said that everything I had previously been told was incorrect.  So, I said I can mail the phones back unless there is something that ATT can do to make it right.   The new lady, in early April, stated she could massage my acount, change some things and would send me an iPad lite for free for use by the new line, which I stiIl didnt want.  That by her making changes to the account my bill would not be anymore than it historically was for two lines, plus the fee for one new phone.   I said okay, and I was a bit skeptical, but agreed, I was told the iPad would arrive in approx two days.  At that point I thought things were resolved, so I went to the att store to activate the two new phones, which I did.  After two days, when  the iPad did not come, I called ATT again, to find out the problem.   The third lady I talked to told me both the previous two ladies had mislead me and that there was never an iPad ordered and that I was paying much more for my wireless account than before.  I was frusrated to say the least and had wasted over four hours of my time with ATT at this point.   I was given the choice to return the phones but told that charges could not be reversed and I couldn't cancel that dang third line till the phones arrived.    I then go back to the att store and get the phones ready to ship back and mail them back to ATT, now we are at about six hours of time spent with the mess.   I had been advised to call in and verify ATT recieved the phones, so two separate calls for another two hours, by the way, I have to explain the whole story to each new person and it takes longer and longer over the phone, and the phones are back in ATT hands.   Now I have to call back to attempt to reverse charges, another hour gone, explaining the story and told that I have to wait another billing cycle to cancel the third line, why, I don' know.   So, now all I want to do is be done with att and the awful way I have been mislead and lost so much of my free time.  At no point did anyone provide an appropriate avenue for ATT to do the right thing or to make up for the errors made by the company representatives.   After I can cancel the third line, I will probably go with another carrier unless there is a extremely good reason from ATT for me to stay.  

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6 years ago

You can file a complaint with the BBB or FCC which will get you contact from the Office of the President. 



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6 years ago

This is what happens when you try to game the system....  someone games you back.   

You should return the phones if you don’t want to pay for them. 

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