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Mon, Jan 12, 2015 6:19 PM

Elmhurst, IL Store Complaint

I have never complained about customer service until Saturday.  AT&T does a good job helping me out when I have questions or need to purchase something in store.  Saturday night I walk into the AT&T store located on [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information], Elmhurst IL 60126 and it was one of the worst possible customer service experiences I have had.  I walk into the store at 6:45PM looking to purchase an Iphone 6 as I had lost my Iphone5 earlier in the day.  I walk in and I know that they close in 15minutes, so I asked if they would still be able to help me and the young lady responded with "of course".  She takes down my name and asked for me to sit down and wait to be helped.  Mind you there were about 10 AT&T employees in the store 4 of which were helping other customers.  The young lady went to the back for about 15 minutes and comes out with her coat and scarf on like she is ready to leave.  She looks at me and goes back to the back.  My family and I walk around the store looking at cases and chargers and an additional 10 minutes pass.  The manager goes to lock the door and the same 4 employees where helping their customers while the others stood around on their phones or talking with one another.  We are the only people in the store not being helped.  One of the employees that was helping a customer looked up and saw us and looked around at his coworkers to see them  doing nothing and shook his head.  I am not one to make a scene in stores so I told my wife that if we don't get helped in 5 minutes we will leave.  5 minutes passed and the young lady who helped me was still nowhere to be seen.  We waited at AT&T for a total of  30 to 40 minutes before walking out. Prior to walking out there was a woman at the register/front desk on her phone, when we walked towards the door she walked behind us so she can lock the door again.  She didn't say anything she just wanted to lock the door.  As I am pulling out of my parking spot I see the girl who initally helped walk out of work.  It felt like they were just waiting for us to leave. 


I use to go to that store without any issues, but it looked like it was under new management and the customer service was by far one of the worst that I have seen.  I guess the Elmhurst, IL AT&T store sells enough phones where they can let one get away without a care. Drove to the Apple store 15 minutes away, waited 5 minutes and was out the door in a total of 15 minutes. 


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7 y ago


Hello @EddieG611 Thank you for posting!


I'm so sorry for the bad experience at one of our stores. That's definitely not how we expect our representatives to act and I'll be sure to forward your feedback to the right people so it can be addressed.


In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions or if you need help with anything.


Thank you,




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6 y ago

I also had a poor experience at the same store.  The woman checking me in was not overly friendly. She had no reaction when I told her I needed to replace a phone that had been recently stolen.  Then while I was waiting I inquired about a case for my phone.  She pointed to the other end of the store of where I may find one.  I would have expected her to walk me over there. Then after I searched and did not find any, I shared with her that I could not find one.  At this time she told me that they did not have any because the phone has been discontinued.  Why didn't she tell me this prior to have me search?


Additionaly, and more disturbing, while I was waiting I kept an eye on the appointment and walk in lists.  While I was watching the list a man in a suit came in.  I was surprised to see that he was moved in front of me since he was not on the appointment list. When I asked the lady she said he had an appointment.  I find this very hard to believe since he was not one of the customers on the appointment list. 


Needless to say I have to leave and did not get my issue resolved.  This was the opposite expereince I had from the time I came in before and the woman who checked me in could not have been friendlier, and even offered to help with my issue because of it's  simplicity (which was ironically the same issue I had this time).


First impression is a lasting impression. I suggest you make sure the greeter is well trained in being customer friendly. 

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