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Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 8:31 PM

Effect of available upgrade on Family Plan re:Unlimited Data

Trust but verify type question here:


Have a FAN discount Family plan *Grandfathered Unlimited data.


3 lines:

1) iPhone4 line is month to month and upgrade eligible
2) Iphone5-S line is under 2 yr contract
3) LG C410 under 2 yr contract/no data (handset stolen)


Line 3 (LG C410) was stolen, is suspened on my account, listed as stolen.


I see that I have the ability to "give" the avaialble upgrade on line 1 (iPhone4) to the line with the stolen handset.




My desired end result is to "replace" the stolen handset with an iPhone by using the available upgrade, and keep the "old" iPhone handset running on it's line.


Obviously, in the course of upgrading, the new (upgrade) iPhone handset requires a data plan.


Finally, my question:

Will the new (upgrade) iPhone fall into my grandfathered unlimited data or will these gymnastics result in the loss of my unlimited data status?


Thanks in advance smart people

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8 years ago

If that line never had unlimited smartphone data plan, it cannot get the unlimited data now, it will have to choose from a currently offered data plan.

The others phones that are currently on the unlimited smatphone data plan can stay on the unlimited plan.

If you want a 2 year contract, you will have to order the phone online as the stores and resellers are not allowed to do 2 year contracts, only NEXT plans.

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