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Thursday, October 4th, 2018 8:36 PM

Double Charged for service and I have received no assistance in receiving my refund

I bought an At&T simcard and a prepaid line on August 15th from an AT&T retailer at Greenwood, Indiana om US-31. The deal was $50 but $40 with auto pay. I signed up for autopay and the retailer said that I have to make the first payment at the store. I did so and the retailer charged me $46 (see attached credit statement excerpt). The next day, I was charged $43 from VESTA AT&T which upon further inquiry are the authorized chargers for AT&T prepaid. I spoke to AT&T customer support and the store I'm from locally at this time (I just moved cities) and I was told that I just would not have to pay for the next month. Apparently I wasn't signed up for auto pay correctly and didn't have an auto pay credit and therefore, the store here gave me a $10 AT&T courtesy credit.


September 19th comes around and I was told by Vesta that they do not see a payment in excess for me and therefore I would have to pay again for that month in order to continue my service. I paid again as I didn't have another option at the time. I called up AT&T prepaid customer support and they asked me to return to the store I bought the sim card from in order to get a refund. Now, it wasn't a matter of money but I was just curious on how I was charged twice, none of them my mistakes, and now I had to do all this work to get my money back. I returned to the store and I was told by the associate there after an hour of argument that there's nothing I could do. I also visited the corporate store and although they were nicer, my issue was not resolved. I have basically paid AT&T 120$ for 2 months of prepaid service so far for what should have only been $80 worth of service. I basically have $40 stolen from me by AT&T and I haven't received any assistance in getting it back. The amount is not significant but I am curious about how many  users have had a similar experience and if this is resolved, this will better AT&T's systems. I have attached screenshots to show these payments and I have all the receipts as well if you need them. Thank you.


Finally, I have been trying to file a complaint but the moment I sign in with my att prepaid account, I have no option to do so. How will I be able to file a formal complaint with AT&T?

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3 years ago

This just happened to me a couple of days ago! I had $90 basically stolen by them. $90 was charged on my debit card, so I go log into my att account to see if it had processed yet or not. Well a minute or so later, my account balance goes from $90, down to $10, & both lines on my account were instantly shut off! I called and spoke with SEVERAL customer service agents and every single one of them told me that it was nonrefundable and my only option was to pay it again! I am self employed and do all of my work via phone, so obviously I had no other choice but to pay again. Completely unacceptable 

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