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Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 3:37 AM

Does AT&T honor the quotes given to customer or are they free to advertise prices to customers directly and then swap them????

​​I am just going to post the text from my first interaction... ​​

​​AT&T Company Chat Transcript​​
​​- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​​
​​Reference Number: 16793582643517536​​
​​DATE/TIME: 2023-03-20 08:23:59​​

​​***Connected to live agent***​​

​​***John is here to help!***​​

​​[Me] : Want to know how much my bill would go up if I added a 4th mobile line​​

​​[Me] : and evening John, hope your day is way​​

​​[John] : Hi! My name is John B. I am happy to help. Lets get started​​

​​[John] : Good evening.​​

​​[Me] : ok​​

​​[John] : How are you doing today?​​

​​[Me] : good​​

​​[Me] : so?​​

​​[John] : May I know your concern please?​​

​​[Me] : I ask... Want to know how much my bill would go up if I added a 4th mobile line​​

​​[John] : Sure, I will check and help you with this.​​

​​[Me] : thank you​​

​​[John] : Please allow me a minute.​​

​​[Me] : ok​​

​​[John] : Thank you.​​

​​[John] : If you add new line on your account your plan cost will be $165/mo.​​
​​Current device Installment $76.96​​
​​You are getting promo credits $46.95​​

​​Your monthly bill will be approximate $ 195.01 + new device installment plus taxes and surcharges.​​

​​[Me] : Will we keep the HBO Max account?​​

​​[John] : May I know if you wish to add a new line in the account?​​

​​[John] : Yes.​​

​​[Me] : We are thinking abou (Edited per community guidelines)​​

​​[Me] : Can you give me total with taxes? ​​

​​[John] : May I know the device that you wish to purchase?​​

​​[Me] : The moto styls $2 a month phone​​

​​[Me] : Motorola moto g stylus 5G (2022)​​

​​[John] : Got it.​​

​​[John] : I check and see that the $2 for Motorola moto g stylus 5G (2022 is a limited time offer.​​

​​[Me] : understand​​

​​[Me] : I just need to know what my bill would be and see if it good time​​

​​[John] : I will help you with that now.​​

​​[Me] : Current bil is 204... so what would my new bill be with keeping HBO Max.. lol. ​​

​​[John] : plan cost will be $165/mo.​​

​​Current device Installment $76.96​​

​​New Device Installment $2.00​​
​​You are getting promo credits $46.95​​

​​Your monthly bill will be approximate ​​​​with taxes and surcharges $203.9​​

​​[John] : The HBO MAX is free in the account.​​

​​[Me] : Wife did not see it on the AT&T UNLIMITED PREMIUM℠ PLAN​​

​​[Me] : not sure what plan I have actually. ​​

​​[Me] : So for 4 phones and 2 watches we are looking at around $203.90 a month and I keep the same data plan?? And what is the name of my plan so I know. ​​

​​[John] : Currently You are unlimited elite plan.​​

​​[Me] : Is that plan offered any more?​​

​​[John] : It is an old plan and is no longer available with AT&T.​​

​​[Me] : but I can keep it if I add the line?​​

​​[Me] : or I be swapping plans?​​

​​[John] : You can keep it with the old line,​​

​​[Me] : Nice lets do this then​​

​​[John] : Perfect.​​

​​[Me] : Not even a $1 more and we add the 4th line.. that is a no brainer.​​

​​[Me] : DO I place the order with you or do I have to do something else?​​

​​[John] : I will help you place the order from my end​​

​​[Me] : Sweet​​

​​[John] : May I have  your consent to add the line ?​​

​​[Me] : Please add a new line with Motorola moto g stylus 5G for $2 a month. No next up stuff or insurance. ​​

​​[John] : I would also like to inform that there wil l be one time activation fee of $35 and prorated charges on your next bill.​​

​​[Me] : and my bill will be around $204. ​​

​​[Me] : Understand. and Phone will be a little more for a few months until promo price kicks in. ​​

​​[John] : yes correct !​​

​​[John] : yes your right​​

​​[John] : usually AT&T takes 1-3 billing cycles for the promotions to reflect on your account​​

​​[Me] : understand​​

​​[Me] : I do need a 513 number please and hopefully an easy one or give us a few choices...lol​​

​​[John] : plan cost $165 equipment charges $76.96 currently and $2 for  the new device . I see that you are receiving a credit $46.95​​

​​[John] : Got it​​

​​[John] : sure​​

​​[Me] : total bill with taxes will be $203.90 once new credit starts​​

​​[John] : total bill approx ​​
​​ $197.01 plus taxes and fees​​

​​[John] : $197.01 is before taxes and fees​​

​​[John] : With taxes and fees your bill would be approx $225.56 with the new line​​

​​[John] : This is based on your current taxes that you are paying​​

​​[Me] : what happened to 203.90?​​

​​[John] : I will now be sending a pin to your wireless number​​

​​[John] : that is your current monthly charges​​

​​[Me] : no my current is 203.68​​

​​[John] : $203.90 is the current monthly charge​​

​​[John] : $203.68*​​

​​[Me] : you said...​​
​​John 8:46 PM​​
​​plan cost will be $165/mo. Current device Installment $76.96 New Device Installment $2.00 You are getting promo credits $46.95 Your monthly bill will be approximate with taxes and surcharges $203.9​​

​​[Me] : you can scroll up and see where you said new bill would be $203.90 at 8:46PM​​

​​[John] : I'm sorry for the confusion . As I double check with the supervisor . your monthly bill would  be $197.01 before taxes and approx  $225.56 after taxes​​

​​[Me] : Yeah not what you said and I confrimed ​​

​​[John] : These are the charges with the new line and the new device . (he moto styls $2 a month phone)​​

​​[Me] : We will have to think about it. ​​

​​[John] : I'm so sorry for the confusion.​​

​​[Me] : It was easy choice when it was a few cents more ​​

​​[Me] : and I would like to talk to a supervisor​​

​​[John] : one moment please​​

​​[John] : I'm checking with my supervisor​​

​​[Me] : you cant quote a price, agree to it, confirm it, and then swap at point of sale. That is bait and switch and is illegal​​

​​[Me] : I have the transcript downloaded also. ​​

​​[John] : I understand, usually the system calculated wrong taxes and fees​​

​​[John] : and that is the reason why the amount is $22 less that what is it actually was, so I cross checked the amount, and informed you the same​​

​​[John] : So sorry for the inconvenience​​

​​[Me] : again.. cant quote, confirm, and agree to and then swap the price. I confirm multiple times. ​​

​​[Me] : Requesting a supervisor to call us. ​​

​​[John] : Sure, please give me 2 minutes.​​

​​[Me] : 2 mintues. ​​

​​[John] : Can you please help me with the wireless number?​​

​​[Me] : 4406451817​​

​​[John] : Thank you.​​

​​[Me] : Request estimated wait time? Or should I just call in ?​​

​​[John] : Please wait for a minute, my supervisor will contact you.​​

​​[John] : Thank you for waiting.​​

​​[Me] : Okay. ​​

​​[John] : My supervisor is calling now, please stay on the line.​​

​​***Your chat has been placed in queue for the next professional to assist you***​​

​​***John has left the chat***​​

​​Supervisor did call me and spent 20 minutes apologizing and changing his approach trying to get me to agree to the higher price. He called his rep the wrong name and would not answer direct yes or no questions about my interaction or quote. He admitted they (AT&T) were in the wrong and offered to wave the activation fee to make up for it at one point. Which I declined to due to 36 months of paying $21.66 higher monthly bill is way more than $35. It comes to $779.76 total. I point blanked asked him multiple times if he was going to honor what his rep said and he refused to answer me, just apologizes for the issue. I gave him choice multiple time to honor the deal his rep made or I would seek out new service with another vendor. This call ended with him hanging up on me. after a half a response I could not understand followed by a click.​​

​​I then called the customer service number to try to talk to someone in escalations to start the process of leaving AT&T. The new rep of course wanted to help and promised they would take care of me and make this right. They agreed I would pay what was quoted and the first rep was wrong for doing what they did. This rep went has far to state they wish they could shake my first rep on my behalf for the way I was treated.  An hour later, the 2nd rep ended up quoting me the same price and said I should have never been give the first price after agreeing at the start of the call AT&T should honor the quoted price. It was past end of shift, so 2nd rep is going to call me tomorrow to see if their supervisor can help. ​​

​​I would have been okay with this whole thing if they would have said price before taxes and fees, but I asked and confirmed multiple times the price quoted was with taxes and fees. Then once I agreed and when gave permission to process the transaction all the pricing changed.  Then trying to lie to cover it up, then hanging up on me after not actual helping, and then agreeing I was done wrong and having me on the phone for an hour. ​​

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1 year ago

AT&T is advertised prices for service are published. And those are the prices that are honored. Just because you spoke to someone who is bad at math, and didn't add in a fourth line before telling you how much it would cost does not make it a bait & switch.

The unlimited Premium plan is exactly the same cost and price structure as the unlimited Elite but does not include the free $15 HBO Max perk. 

Based on your base price for three phone lines and two watches at $165:  

It would appear you have two lines on Elite and one line on the starter plan plus the two watches, and are getting the $10 discount on each Elite line. 

So 50+50+45+10+10 = 165

Two lines on Elite and two lines on starter with signature discount on the two Elite lines. 

40+40+35+35+10+10 = 170 before taxes

That's a $5 difference before the net $2 phone

Read your bill.  And verify the numbers? 


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