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Monday, August 6th, 2018 9:52 PM

Does AT&T Care about their Customers Anymore ( Long Term Customers)

Does AT&T care about their Customers anymore or how about a long term customer.   I  just spent 3 hours on the phone , spoke with 6 people and never received any customer resolution or full conversation  due to being on hold most of the time waiting to speak to a Customer Service Supervisor.  My initial call was triggered upon reviewing my AT&T Billing Invoice.    This was it !   After 10 weeks or more of making several calls, talking on chat, I was going to get a Supervisor !   Well let me tell ya Folks, it doesn't happen.   What you will get is a bunch of patronizing children, reading out of a notebook and most who cannot speak English.       As a long term customer, and paying off several Samsung Android cell phones,  which have ranged from $300 - $959, and early at that, You would think that they would understand my frustration to being over charged  on my account, which is always paid on time and in full.     Needless to say the ongoing problems I have had with my cell phone reception ever since I've had service with them.   In the beginning which was years ago, the answer was I was not doing something right with the settings, and today its, " Im sorry , You will never have sufficient service in your area due to where your location you live in ".    

At one point 5 weeks ago after speaking with tech support, it was said that I needed to go to a newer cell phone which had more range in bandwidth already built into the cell phone.   I thought TERRIFIC !  PROBLEM SOLVED !   Ok, lets get you over to a supervisor ... LOL   Well I spoke to a Customer Service Rep, who offered me a Samsung Galaxy S9  " Buy one , get one Free ! "   Well unfortunately I dont need two.  ( and BTW that was the national offer) .  Then after conversing with the Sales Rep, a $329. offer was made, which I accepted, but they wanted it paid in full.    A No win Situation, and Im still being over charged with crazy fee's and daily dropped calls, with a signal strength of only 1 bar if luckly............  Oh and thanks so much...   Tina, Steven, Sergio, Chenery, Sherry, Kaleb, Justin and the list goes on........

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6 years ago

You do realize your asking the questions to the wrong people?  Support cannot trouble shoot or change reception or quality of service.   About half those people are probably out of country call center and are reading off que cards or TelePrompTer of some kind.  They can try, but really nothing they can do.  It’s like calling the electric company because you have an outlet that cuts out all the time.  

  Personally I was 17 years with Verizon and was the best carrier l switched to ATT 4.5 years ago and it was about equal then.  ATT reception got worse, so I moved my main line back to Verizon only to find they got worse too.  Now I’m a 2 fisted phone user.  Neither has 100% coverage, no clear winner.   

Im holding out for 5G or T mobile, one of them has to resolve this.  

   What you can do:  

Enable Wifi calling on phones that have it.  Most iPhone, Samsung and LG made in the last 4 years are capable.  It is NOT on by default.  That resolves home reception.

I added a booster in my car, which helped shrink or eliminate dead zones.  

Do your home work before switching carriers.  As much as I want Verizon or T mobile to be the answer, it hasn’t worked that way.  T mo just doesn’t cover e and both cost more than I pay ATT.  





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6 years ago

I feel your pain.  I just had to walk away.  After 4 months and close to 15 hours on the phone I never could even get a copy of my bill, either by paper or online.  I pay my bills, but am not excited about paying it when I don't even know whats on it.  So to answer your initial question, no, AT&T could give a rip about their customers anymore.  They used to be a fairly decent company to deal with but those days are long gone.

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