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Monday, January 24th, 2022 7:52 PM

Do not sign up with door to door sales people! underhanded tactics are used to trap you into contracts!

I was offered a one time promotion by a door to door rep. A near free phone for switching to att, all i had to do was pay for sales tax. I was told and sold on something that did not exist. I was given a tv and cable contract sheet for a mobile wireless with the terms written on the sheet. Written on it specifically said $0 for the device and $48 for sales tax. I asked multiple times about the phone and service and asked about weather it was a 2 year contract or a leased phone. I was told no. I only saw the hand written paper and the sales rep signed me up for the service on a tablet. I never got to see the actual agreement other than the paper i was given.

She also insisted that i sign up for auto pay. This is important because i never found a need to go online to look over the bill until i realized i was having service issues and missing calls. i was signed up for a lease with a phone that i was unaware of and didn't catch in within their grace period. now i am trapped in a service because i cannot afford to pay off the phone all at once. i cant even cancel and pay the phone off monthly. ive lost may hours to calls and visits to att stores only for them to tell me to talk to someone else.

moral of the story never trust a door to door sales person because once you sign up they will hide behind terms and services no matter what they tell you in person. its sad you almost need a lawyer to sign up for phone service these days.

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2 years ago

We are here to help with your missing promotion @STREETLEGALCARS.


We need a few more details to provide further assistance.

  1. Did you trade-in a device with the agent when setting up your order? Most promotions require a trade-in that meets a certain value.
  2. When did you start services? It can take up to 3 months for the promotion to appear on your account. At that time, it will back date and credit you any payments made towards this device.
  3. What phone do you have currently? This will let us know if there was a promotion for this device.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Samantha, AT&T Community Specialist

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