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Saturday, September 9th, 2017 2:14 AM


Am I the only AT&T customer who has been lied to and mislead about their service and what I was "supposed to receive? I switched from Sprint, mistake one, and got new phones which were supposed to be used since our numbers were to be ported in. Yeah, right. Had to go to another store where THAT mistake had to be fixed. Got our phones set up and handed in our old phones, which were sent to who knows where about 3 days later. GONE!!!! Then was told that I would get card to pay off my Sprint bill. Well, I am getting them but not near enough to pay off m Sprint bill!! I thought they were going to pay me to switch?? The only thing they Are paying me to do is give them money while I get bad credit!!! I cannot believe a companybis allowed tok be so deceiving. I suppose it is time to deal with corporate offices and the Better Business Bureau. And, to boot, I'm a veteran and was promised a discount!! Has that happened? Of course not!! Why would this company actually do what they said. I am disappointed with this company and ashamed that I fell for what I was told.

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6 years ago

What did you get as trade in value for your old phones?  

The reimbursement works pretty much the same on all carriers.  You get a partial credit up front when you trade in phones to ease the initial cost of switching.  You should be paying an equal amount to Sprint.

Most people use it for taxes and cases, but it can be applied to the account also.  

After you submit your bill the remainder is mailed to you.

so What you owe Sprint on phones $$$$

subtract your trade in credit $$

reaminder is what?  $$

 The veterans discount is 15%.  Info here.


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