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Saturday, July 7th, 2018 10:51 PM


Discrimination denied me of getting any phones

Hello My Name Is Ms.Little I been feeling really depressed and emotional since I left the store at 38003 47th St E Suite B, Palmdale, CA 93552 on July 3rd 2018 I been a long time customer with this company and I’ve been nothing but miss treated and discriminated against by one of the employees at the location up above name Phil and his Manager Aram as soon as I walked in the store he looked at me and made a smart remark saying do I want a Pink Samsung Galaxy and I believe he made the remark because I’m a black lesbian that dresses like a boy which it shouldn’t matter but after I told him I was interested in adding 5 lines of the Apple iPhone X for my family members he stared saying your bill is going to be so expensive he said that 3 times and I never asked how much it would be because I can afford it now if you can’t afford it you should be asking questions so just because i didn’t ask him how much he just was looking at me weird and miss treating me I felt that it was discrimination because I’m young black lesbian and you just automatically assume that I couldn’t pay for it he really did offended me he looked at me and said I need to talk to my manager for a approval came back and said I was doing Fraud he put that on my account and I spoke with different people from customer service over the phone saying he shouldn’t of did that since I already been a customer he basically refused to do business with me not that I wasn’t approved but just because he was judging a book by it’s cover which is wrong there’s nothing wrong with being any race and being LGBTQ but I guess he had a problem with me I don’t even wanna do business with this company because of this man i already got approved with sprint and I’m really thinking about switching companies because I didn’t deserve this no one does 

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5 years ago

Hello @Tanisha87,

Thank you for bringing your review to our attention. Please accept my apologies in regards to the situation you experienced. This is definitely not the type of experience we wish for any of our customers to encounter. 

When you are visiting one of our stores for assistance with your products or services, receiving respectful and helpful service is certainly a necessity. We never intend to make our customers feel discriminated. Our main goal with every experience is to resolve all of our patron’s issues, as well as provide quality and interactive service on purchase transactions. No customer should be treated the way you have been. 

For us to provide you with the best support, I will send a private message to gather additional details. This way we can take the proper steps to make sure this does not go unheard of.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Vanessa, AT&T Community Specialist 

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11 months ago

My Att business account was canceled for no apparent reason other than being a black business owner. I’ve been an IT professional for nearly 20 years, and decided to create a sub program of my business to provide technical training. In comes AT&T. I received multiple inquiries, the likes of which I’ve never had to undergo for something as simple as mobile service. This is a new portion of my businessand I was considered fraudulent because I had no website or social media. The services I provide have no real tie to the public sector but eventually will due to growth and program expansion. This is absolutely uncalled for. 

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11 months ago

@CAPT8118. This thread is 4 years old and will be closed.

 If your account is a business account, please post in the Business Community Forum.   Otherwise start a new thread in this forum.

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