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Fri, Aug 28, 2020 12:07 AM

Despite the lip service, AT&T isn't the least bit compassionate during the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to charge late fees plus

I'm disappointed in AT&T, esp. during this covid-19 pandemic. Despite what they say about "having compassion," they don't seem to whatsoever. While many people are out of work due to illness or bc their state closed all businesses and can't work (CA), AT&T is quick to charge late fees as soon as payment is missed. I tried to sort it out with their customer service, but they seem clueless. The other day I received 5 vms and 2 texts telling me to call them, but did not disclose why, so I did. After waiting on hold for a couple of hours, I was told that no payment was due after all and not sure why they called. The agent said would not call so it must be spam even though it was from an AT&T phone number. The following day I receive another text that my payment was due asap to avoid suspension of service. So I'm still not sure what the problem is, but since my phone stopped working and I've been trying to connect with them online so I don't incur any more late fees as well see about getting a new phone, but the chat feature isn't working. That's bad when a tech company offering you services can't even fix their own. I guess I will need to find a store that's open and hope they can help. Another issue is that I was being overcharged for a year. I paid $10/month more for a wireless program with limited data when for less money I could have gotten an unlimited one. They kept telling me they had no lower monthly plans and it wasn't until I referenced an add I saw that they switched me, giving me zero compensation. Lastly, it wastes so much of my time every time I have to call and sit on hold for hours partly because the agent I'm speaking with can only access one of my accounts and then has to transfer (wait on hold) to get to another dept. (I have AT&T mobile and internet). Although I've been with AT&T for a while, I'm considering going with another wireless carrier.




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Hope you have a better experience with whatever carrier you pick but I’m pretty sure you’ll find they are all the same.

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