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Thu, Jun 5, 2014 10:09 PM

Deposits and Activations

Beginning of May 2014 I was shopping for a new carrier with better service.I shopped online for the best deal and printed them. when I visited a ATT corp store they said they would take care of my deposits cause I was coming from another carrier(porting) and would have no issues waiving the deposits.GREAT !! Middle of may I went to another store that was alot closer and started the process and told him what I was told and quoted. They tried but had been told that day that they cant waive deposits anymore per their regional manager. After a huge ordeal I just paid the deposits,we printed the paperwork that shows NO ACT FEE and I was semi pleased.Went back three days later to activate two other phones and the paperwork stated 4 activation fees,I asked and said whats this? I have no contract,I brought my own phones !!! He stated that customer service would take care of me when my bill posts.Soooo....I get my bill and call customer service,The first young lady I talked to (Ashley) was awesome and made me feel important and understood.She was supposed to follow up with me 3 days later and nothing, So I called today...talked to Audra, she tried to get me to change my story and I started getting irritated, why are you guys trying not to honor what you say........she laughs at me and says i will transfer you to a supervisor---well Ms.Don, Didnt hear me out and started raising her voice and talking over me. I have never been so insulted by someone in customer service before in my life and now wondering why I changed to ATT. At least Tmobiles customer care treated me with some respect. She wouldnt give me someone else to talk to or even tell me what the original rep had noted. She wouldnt give me her ID# either. Sad Sad Sad!!!!!! Im so upset.....IF ANYBODY WORTH WHILE AT AT&T IS READING THIS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THESE 2 REPS AND I WILL POST THIS ON  EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE TILL I GET WHAT I WAS PROMISED.





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7 years ago

I would suggest you to go back to the place of where they promise you the waiving of the fee. Sometime different stores have different flexibility as in terms of whether they can waive the fee for you or not.

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