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Thursday, June 11th, 2015 1:33 AM

Chat Representative LIED


DATE/TIME: 2015-05-24 02:49:44



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Me : I have a question about my bill



Agent : Hi, good morning! Thank you for allowing me to be your specialist. How are you doing today?



Agent : In today's economy I know how important it is to know where every penny is going. We can definitely go over the bill together and charges.



Me : good thanks!



Agent : Great to know that you are doing good! You are welcome.



Me : I thought I got the $40 phone plan



Agent : To make sure that we will work on the correct line, please provide me the phone number we will work on and your first and last name for security purposes.



Me : **********



Me : *************



Agent : Thank you for the information. May I please have the permission to access your account with you?



Me : sure



Agent : Thank you. Please give me 2-3 minutes to pull up your account.



Agent : I am now on your bill.



Me : okay



Agent : What do you mean the $40.00 phone plan?



Me : so I'm trying to figure out why my bill is still over $50



Me : well a while back I called as asked about different plans



Me : and I was told about a plan, something about 3 GB with roll over data



Agent : It is because the data plan is $40.00 and the access fee is $25.00.



Me : what access fee?



Agent : That is like an entrance fee when you want watch a movie at the theater.



Me : right, I wasn't aware that there was an access fee



Me : I was just told that the new plan would lower my bill quite significantly



Agent : Oh. I'm sorry to see that you're in this situation.



Me : so if the access fee is $25, does that mean that next month my bill will be lower?



Agent : The access fee is a monthly charge for every customer using AT&T wireless.



Me : right, but you said the access fee is like watching a movie, so if I'm already in, does that mean I need to pay everytime?



Agent : Yes, I understand but the access fee using the wireless is a monthly charge because we can't use the line to have a service.



Me : what line?



Agent : The phone.



Agent : or the device.



Me : I'm sorry, but that just is not making sense



Agent : Okay. I will explain it to you clearer.



Agent : The access fee is basic monthly charge for maintaining an account with your wireless provider.



Agent : It is charged every month, whether you use the service or not.



Agent : It is a payment that local telephone companies may charge all cellular customers for the right to connect with the local phone network.



Me : so than what is the monthly $40 for?



Agent : Yes, but you are given a discount of $15.00 so your monthly access fee is $25.00.



Agent : The $40.00 on your bill is the data plan the 3GB Mobile Share Plan.



Me : but I thought the 3GB plan also includes unlimited phone and text?



Agent : Yes, it is included.



Agent : It includes unlimited text and minutes and Rollover DataSM, Unlimited Int'l Texting and Personal Mobile Hotspots



Me : so let me get this straight, I was told that the $40 plan is all inclusive, but now you're telling me that the $40 plan actually includes a $25 service fee, so that the $40 plan is actually a $65 plan?



Agent : Yes, that is correct your monthly charge is $65.00.



Agent : Yes, that is correct your monthly charge is $65.00.



Me : so doesn't that mean there is a hidden fee of $25 that I wasn't told about when I changed over from my original plan?



Agent : I respect your efforts on this but the access fee is not a hidden fee. The previous agent may not be able to explain this to you. We can see this charges on your previous bills.



Me : I don't believe there was a hidden fee on my previous bills



Me : I knew that there were taxes and different charges for additions, but I'm pretty sure no extra charges



Agent : There is really no hidden fees because we are giving the details on every bill.



Agent : Please go to your History page to see this billing cycle 03/06/2015 - 04/05/2015.



Me : so the hidden fee started when I changed over to the new plan?



Agent : When did you change your plan?



Me : about two months ago



Agent : Okay. I will see your bill about two months ago.



Agent : I have checked here that there was no access fee on the grandfathered plan. It started when you change your data plan to Mobile Share.



Me : yes, I wish the person who changed my plan had told me that prior to the change of the plan



Agent : I am really sorry for the inconvenience.



Agent : I have been there myself!



Me : so is this something that you can fix?



Agent : The access fee is a monthly charge for Mobile Share plan customers. There is no option to have it removed.



Me : so once again, I was told to expect a $40 plus tax bill, but in actual it is a $65 plus tax bill



Agent : Okay. I will apply a credit of $25.00 on your account now.



Agent : But, to set an expectation access fee is charged every month.



Me : but that's just it, I wish the person who changed my plan had told me this prior to changing my plan, otherwise I may of stayed with my original plan and not changed



Me : the reason I called about changing plans two months ago, so to lower my bill. if I had know about the fees, I would of changed companies



Agent : I understand this can be frustrating. I can request a ticket to have your original plan be back.



Agent : Would it be okay for you so that you won't be charged monthly for the access fee?



Me : it's not going to lower my bill



Agent : What do you want to have?



Me : my $40 plan that I was promised



Agent : Okay. Let me check what we can do for this.



Me : thank you



Agent : You are most welcome.



Agent : Where did you get this information that you will only be charged $40.00 without the access fee?



Me : when I changed over from the old plan to the new 3gb plan about two months or so ago



Agent : I see. Is it Voice or Chat/



Me : I called in



Me : I spoke to a young man on the phone



Agent : Okay. I have already escalated this to my supervisor so that this will be fixed. I will apply $50.00 for the access fee charged for two months.



Me : so what does this mean for the coming months?



Agent : It will be $40.00 + tax and surcharges.



Agent : Please give me 2-3 minutes to process the $50.00 credit on your account.



Me : thank you



Agent : You are most welcome.



Me : I'm sorry to be a bother, but I've been with att for a long time and just didn't expect this to happen



Agent : I am really very sorry for the inconvenience. No worries, I am here to fix this for you.



Me : thanks



Agent : You're welcome.



Agent : Thank you for waiting. I have successfully processed the $50.00 credit on your account.



Me : thank you



Agent : You are most welcome. Anything else I can help you today?



Me : No, thank you. Do you need me to fill out any forms?



Me : or call anyone?



Agent : You are most welcome. May I know the reason for this?



Me : for the form or calling?



Agent : What form are you talking about Catalina? It keeps my heart beats fast. lol



Me : I'm sorry, I just wanted to make sure that your supervisor knew about what a great help that you are. I wasn't sure if I need to call or fill out some form to let them know how much you've helped a long time customer



Agent : I see. You may be asking the survey form?



Me : yes



Me : I just want to let your supervisor know that you were a great help



Agent : Alright. Once we end the chat you will receive a survey option to fill out.



Me : okay, thanks



Agent : You are most welcome. It's my pleasure to help you today. At AT&T, our Promise is to deliver an extraordinary experience! I am glad we were able to get everything taken cared of together.



Agent : When you are ready, feel free to select the X button inside the chat window to end the chat.



Agent : Have a great and wonderful day ahead! 🙂



Me : thanks again!



So I just got my new bill (thank you for the credits), BUT the new coming bill still have the hidden fee and is not the $40+tax and surcharged that the chat representative stated would be the new bill.


It just seen very dishonest practices to promise a solution to a customer (over 10 years) and not follow through.  This just gives me more reasons as to why I should change to a different provided.  At least this way, all fees are disclosed at the beginning and not a surprise later.  I am currently super unhappy to AT&T and will be letting all my family and friends know of the type of service that you provide.  That your representatives will make promises that they cannot follow through on.  There are no more words (polite words) that I can use to describe my current feelings of betrayal.



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9 years ago

Mind if I ask what you were previously paying for talk/text/data?

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9 years ago

He agreed to a one time credit. You must pay for the service as we all do.

It is not a hidden fee. The plan is ala'carte and all prices have been well advertised for the past 18+months

There are 4 parts to every bill

1. Phone installment if you are financing a phone with Next payments. (Your phone is paid for). $0
2. Line fee for talk and text. Even basic phones need this to great phone service.
Smart phone line $40 less $15 discount for having a phone out of contract/paid off. =. $25
3. Data plan. All smart phones must have a data plan. 4 GB plan is $40 per month.
4. Taxes, can't escape them.



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9 years ago

I had the old national 450 plan and had an addition of data and text.



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9 years ago

I have no problem paying for services. But there was the fact the connection fee was not disclosed when I first switched plans. I did ask the initial representation (on the phone) if there were any other fees, I wasn't told of any other fee other than the $40 for th 3gb plan. But what upsets me now is the fact that after I chatted with the repose tatie, they did say that the adjustment to my plan would be $40 a month plus taxes and surcharge.

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9 years ago

How much were you paying$$$$



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9 years ago

Phone plan $35, text/data $30

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9 years ago

Limited talk and text. How much data? 2 GB ?

So the price is the same, but you got more.

FYI. On any plan with any carrier, these new ala'carte plans are cheaper if you own your phone, as you do. If you buy a phone from ATT you must pay for it. , either with Next installment, full price, or subsidy with a new 2 year contract. Entering a new contract mean losing the out of contract discount.

This is all plans, all carriers.
The new plan no longer hides that we have always paid for our phones over our 2 year contracts.



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9 years ago

300mb. So yes I am getting more data now then before, except I don't use anymore then before. I'm on wifi at work and home. The only time I'm using my actual data plan is well when not at home and work. My reasoning for changing plan was the lower monthly bill and I had already purchased my phone from att. But once again I was told that my bill would be $40 plus tax and surcharges from the phone representative. And the chat rep said that my bills would be $40 plus tax and surcharges. I had expected that they would honor their word but I guess not.

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9 years ago

I don't think you understood what you were ordering.
Did you ask for a 4 GB data plan (which is $40). Or did you ask for the $40 text and data plan. Not realizing they are two different things.

You can reduce your data plan. One GB is $25, 300 MB is $20.

If you have a 3G phone a 300mb plan may work fine. You can always raise it if you are off wifi, and lower the next month.

That lowers your bill to $45/50 a month before tax.



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9 years ago

When I initially called I was inquiring about lowering my plan. The phone rep told me that I would have the same services, talk/text/data, but instead the cost would be $40. When I went over the plan changes with the rep, it was for unlimited talk/text and 3gb for $40. If he had told me that it's $40 plus an additional $40 then I would of considered different options.

I am in total agreement with you about instead of having 3gb for a 3G phone, I can also easily go for 1gb instead. It's just that since I've chatted with the chat rep, I assumed that they would honor their promise.
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