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Thu, Sep 10, 2020 7:32 PM

Charged many many many times to upgrade my wireless phones, then once again? At&T, help me understand!

I have been an At&t customer for a long time.  I get an email everyday to UPGRADE, GET 2-FOR-1, blah blah blah....I always read the small print and follow all directions to the letter.  So...during Covid-19, my sons phones were due to upgrade and I thought, Ok-why not, I will UPGRADE, GET 2-FOR-1, you know, allow AT&T to make some money....make some money they are! This is ridiculous....


Even though the phones were "ready for pay off", it was "early", so I had to pay around $65 each.  Then there were fines of $25 and $20 each for I don't know what.  So now I have paid almost $100 dollars each phone and thought I had paid off each phone? Nope-I have to send them back even though I had been paying them off (hence the "early") well, I had spent hours already and the kids were excited so...ok.  


The phones arrive and we follow the instructions.  Inside the box are instructions to return the old phones-which I package like they are eggs.  Wrapped, washed, erased of data etc-the phones are packed in the provided boxes and labeled with the pre-paid label.  I drop them at the USPS (masked ofcourse) and grab my tracking.  I go on with my not give it another thought, didn't know there were SEVERAL MORE STEPS involved.  Or-as the nice lady at AT&T told me today, I did it all wrong...


Long story short-I am now being charged ANOTHER $93.59 for each phone because AT&T claims they do not have the phones.  I do not have the tracking any longer (my bad).  What a it has cost me $200.00 extra dollars per phone and another $20.00 per phone per month.  At&T could care less-they have no idea why I am so upset and assure me that this is a "one time fee"...oh, well thanks.  Also-they cannot even tell me what address the label read so I can try to work with my USPS to track the phones.  AT&T has been no help at all...none.  what did I pay for? 


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Hi @jschlenhardt


Thank you for reaching out to us. We're so sorry to hear about your experience with upgrading your devices. If there is any way you can locate your tracking information, please let us know and we'll be delighted to look into this for you. Unfortunately, we would need that information in order to proceed.


Darais, AT&T Community Specialist

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