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Thu, Aug 8, 2019 7:09 PM

cannot activated hd voice and wifi calling

Hi, I have an iPhone XR purchased about a month ago (by my dad)

there are four phones on our account, me, mom, dad, grandma

um a few days ago someone reported an iphone X that was "stolen" in our account and locked me and my grandmas phone from accessing the network

however we resolved it and now data works for both of us

but my phone still switches to 3g when making a call, cannot activate wifi calling and call protect

do i need my dad to call 611 or whatever or can i do it myself...?

hes probably going to be mad at me if i tell him i have more problems lol rip


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a year ago

I can't get over the "lol rip" comment. Lol. 

You should call Tech support and make sure your IMEI is listed with them in the system. If not it can cause these kinds of problem. The other thing also is to have them make sure your line is set up for Voice Over LTE and to make sure there are no restrictions. You can also check on the phone under SETTINGS > CELLULAR> CELLULAR DATA OPTIONS to make sure the Enable LTE is on for 'Voice & Data'. 

Hope you get it to work and father isn't to upset. 

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