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Monday, April 1st, 2019 2:46 AM

Canceling next plans

If you cancel your next plan do you have to pay the remaining balance of the devices or can you just give them back?

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4 years ago

You have to pay the balance. Giving them back is not an option. Besides, you don’t cancel a Next plan. You terminate a Next plan by paying the phone off or cancelling the line.

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4 years ago

“Next” is the installment agreement to pay for the phone.  Installments may be for 24 or 30 months and tied to a line of service. If you cancel the line/phone number, the balance of installments are billed on the next bill.  This information can be seen on the bill.

You can pay off installments at any time, online with a credit card.   

Your service plan is the data and line access (phone number), which is month to month.   You have no contracton service.



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