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Friday, January 5th, 2018 3:49 PM

Bought VZW iPhone X w/ VZW carrier billing, put ATT sim card in before VZW, now locked to ATT

So just like the title states, I have an odd problem that nobody can seem to solve. I have called both carriers to no avail, completed the unlock form (nothing yet), and am at my wits end as far as knowing what to do next.


I bought this device under a carrier financing agreement through Verizon, but the sim wasn't provisioned yet. I slapped my ATT sim card in (no device payment plan/contract) to finish out the billing cycle and port my number out. I put my VZW sim back in to initiate that process only to get the Sim Card Not Supported error when trying to activate. 


What does a person need to do to resolve this? None of the CS reps know what to do short of submitting the unlock request form. 

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6 years ago

@iamcasey wrote:

Got it, thank you @sandblaster and @GLIMMERMAN76 for the help. I shall wait and see what happens! 



so as a test I unlocked my iPhoneX that I bought thru apple at full retail.  It got locked to att when I stuck my sim in...  It was unlocked in 6 minutes from the time I confirmed the email...

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