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Thu, Feb 20, 2020 4:22 AM

BIZZARE EVENTS - Verified in Store Business Account Opened & Closed By Fraud Group

Went to ATT Authorized Retailer Store on Saturday 02/15/2020 highly prepared with all necessary business verification forms / IDs / Docs as I was told to do by Business Mobility Call Center prior to arrival. The rep was super impressed how organized my files were and we got a long great. Ran the app, had to call analyst review, verified anything and everything they needed because once again I was prepared with all my business docs. Business was verified and approved by store rep & analyst review rep and a well earned credit approval was granted. Half way through the first 4 Lines, error message popped up and had to recall the verification dept.

The store & call center rep was puzzled why this was happening after being verified already but proceeded by asking questions for further verification and I answered everything correctly and as it appears with the NH Sec of State. Come to learn that prior to call ending rep discovered an account opened in January with my business name but different address / tax id. No use or devices were on the account. Told him that was not mine and he clearly agreed. Still informed me to call the Fraud Group the next day and dispute that account so that I could proceed with my new account created in store. Rep

stopped after 4th line and cashed me out for the devices and agreed to resume this in a day or two. I did call fraud dept on 02/16 and that rep was helpful, saw the flagged account; verified my actual info against that one, notated it and said I would have no problems establishing an account now.

Return back to this store on 02/20 with my 2yo daughter to do just that and Jordan / Jen were fighting and trying to get this done because they clearly were aware my business, and myself were 100% legitimate. After an hour of Fraud Group giving different response than the other two reps from the same department two days prior, I was unable to keep my new account from 02/18. Before leaving Jen had stated the devices I had purchased were to be returned or the Police would be at my door. Frustrated and confused I said okay I’ll be back Friday 02/22 and left after wasting an hour there only to be told my legit business is fraudulent and threatened with police action. 10 minutes after leaving store, Jordan the other store rep working with Jen sent me a text saying if I can come back and answer some questions with the fraud group it should be all set by the weekend. Instantly threw a red flag in my head so I called him. He put me on hold and apparently there were police there and I spoke to an officer jones who basically had demanded that I disregard my 2yo daughters well being and make the trip back at 8pm at night with the 4 devices. I said I could not do that but that I would be there Friday as I stated earlier to Jen & Jordan who were okay with that before I left.

Officer Jones continued Saying it can’t wait til then and if I don’t blow off my work day, and come in by the next morning that I would be issued an arrest warrant. At that point I said nothing more except that I will have my attorney contact you and ended the call. So basically I went from fully verified and setup with 4 lines, to be called a criminal and basically almost baited to inconvenience the well being of myself, my business and especially my daughters to return back devices I signed a contract for, or be arrested. So what, did the reps plot on me and were trying to get me arrested in front of my 2yo daughter because of their mistake?! How is that legal or ethically right? If I wasn’t street smart I would be in a pickle right now and what would of happened to my 2yo? And for what? Because these (Edited per community guidelines) in store and fraud dept. can’t get on the same page?! I did absolutely nothing wrong. I did what was asked, provided everything I needed with 100% authentic verification of myself and my business only to be left with nothing but possible warrant for arrest threats because of their negligence. No way! This needs major rectifying immediately.

• (Account setup and approved - 02/15/20)

• (Text from rep after I left store - 02/19/20)



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3 months ago

Just so you know that authorized reseller is the one who called the cops... Your first issue is trying to set up a account with a authorized reseller. This whole mess is stupid on ATT and the resellers part.

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3 months ago


This is a customer forum. An authorized retailer is generally locally ran. I would recommend a corporate store to get the best experience, and to prevent and resolve this type of situation. You can leave feedback with customer care regarding your situation, or find the nearest corporate store on
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